Canadian Tech Companies To Watch In 2021

10 Canadian Tech Companies To Watch In 2021

Ram Tumuluri “With such a dynamic and technologically advanced economy, it’s no wonder that Canada is home to a large number of startups and tech firms. Canada’s mature entrepreneurship ecosystem has aided a variety of local startups in expanding nationally and launching their growth globally. As the world prepares for COVID-19 recovery, these Canadian tech companies will play a critical role in creating employment, rebuilding the healthcare system, and healing the world”.

Ollie Order

Ollie Order is a multichannel distribution software for the liquor industry. Breweries, wineries, liquor stores, bars, pubs, and restaurants may use a single smartphone and web-enabled tool to help handle customers, orders, inventory, payments, accounting, and government reporting. Their management team includes global business tycoons as well as investors and is well-positioned to benefit from the alcohol industry’s growing digitisation.


Although e-commerce has radically transformed many consumer-facing sectors, the car-buying experience has remained largely unchanged. Clutch is revolutionising the way people purchase cars by promoting trust and transparency in the process. The business aims to build a new form of car dealership with informative online galleries and no-pressure sales strategies.

Craver Solutions

Craver is a mobile app designed to streamline ordering, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. Independent restaurants can compete with the digital experience of far larger chains for meal ordering and delivery by using a low-cost (SaaS) solution. Craver provides a much-needed alternative to many independent restaurants and cafes, given the ongoing pandemic’s effect on the restaurant industry.


Showbie, a rising star in the EdTech market, brings together all of the necessary resources for assignments, reviews, and collaboration in one simple digital platform. Showbie is well-positioned to serve the growing digital learning industry, with many students, teachers, and families increasingly relying on digital platforms for remote learning.


Symend is on a mission to improve the engagement and collection experience for financially vulnerable consumers. The startup has created a new interaction framework that uses behavioural science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to better attract, handle, and retain customers. The current global economic crisis has highlighted the need for more compassionate and effective collection strategies, such as Symend’s, which could bode well for the business in the years ahead.


BlueDot monitors the spread and effect of more than 150 infectious diseases around the world using artificial and human intelligence. The business was one of the first in the world to detect COVID-19’s spread. BlueDot is at the center of a critical and growing space, given the increasing emphasis on current and possible future pandemics.

Elastic Garage

Elastic Garage is revolutionising the way people own and use home and outdoor equipment. The company provides on-demand rentals of the items you’d like to have in your dream garage, helping you to escape the high costs of ordering, maintaining, and storing everything. The company began operations last year and plans to extend its rental service to include more goods as well as expand into new cities over time.

Synex Medical

Synex Medical offers a wearable system that tracks metabolites that impact everything from weight gain to the risk of developing diabetes in real-time. Although health-focused wearables are not a new category, advancements in technology coupled with shifts in consumer attitudes toward personal health management have resulted in a new wave of solutions, such as Synex’s devices, that help track people’s health on a proactive basis.


LifeSpeak is a digital education and well-being platform that was designed to help workers improve their mental health and overall well-being. Employees will quickly obtain the assistance they need to resolve life’s unforeseen challenges, allowing their minds and bodies to remain efficient at work. The company’s services are in higher demand than ever before, as the number of workers employed remotely has increased dramatically over the last year as a result of the current pandemic. If the trend of increased remote working persists, the company is well placed to benefit from the trend through its ever-expanding services.

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms is taking sustainable food practices to urban environments through rooftop greenhouses located close to their customers, reducing transportation-related emissions. The organisation also collaborates with hundreds of local farmers and food producers to establish an online farmer’s market of high-quality, sustainably produced goods. Lufa’s creative offering is more persuasive than ever, with a growing societal emphasis on climate change and the customer demand for online food delivery.