Mighty European Mobile And E-Commerce Start-Ups

10 Mighty European Mobile And E-Commerce Start-Ups

CEO Ram Tumuluri “The mobile and e-commerce industries in Europe have grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to technological advancements. Europe is home to a plethora of creative and diverse e-commerce startups focusing on addressing a wide range of consumer needs. This industry has made great strides in recent years. Here are some of Europe’s fastest-growing e-commerce startups that will redefine the tech industry”.

Aptoide (Lisbon)

Founded by Alvaro Pinto, Inês Rola and Paulo Trezentos, Aptoide is an Android Marketplace with more than 1.5 million daily active users. It enables developers, OEMs, telecommunications companies, and integrators to build and operate their own Android stores. The company partners with handset manufacturers and has offices in Lisbon, Singapore, and Shenzhen with over 500,000 applications, including Facebook and VLC.

Foxintelligence (Paris)

The French startup Foxintelligence offers anonymised and aggregated market data based on online transactions made through its B2C web applications (Misterfox and Cleanfox). The startup plans to expand its operations and introduce new services that automate time-consuming tasks. With its lightning-quick data distribution and insights generation platforms, Foxintelligence has already conquered Europe, with presence in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

Buymie (Dublin)

Buymie is an Irish on-demand grocery delivery app that allows users to order groceries from different locations throughout Ireland and get them delivered to their door in as little as one hour. Buymie reports that its app has been downloaded over 9,000 times and has handled over €230,000 in transactions since its launch.

Lingokids (Madrid)

Formerly known as Monkimun, Lingokids was founded by siblings Cristobal and Marieta Viedma, and provides language lessons in the form of interactive games for children aged two to six. The lessons were created in Unity 3D and are available for Android and iOS. Lingokids recently landed $10 million in funding to alleviate Covid-19’s impact on education.

Farmdrop (London)

Farmdrop is a U.K.-based farmer-friendly online grocery platform that is helping to build a cleaner and more productive supply chain by providing farmers with a direct route to market. It claims to provide customers with much fresher produce while also giving farmers and producers a larger share of the retail price. Until now, the startup has brought in over £5 million in sales for small-scale British farmers.

Glovo (Barcelona)

Glovo users can arrange a grocery order, a trip to the pharmacy, or just a quick pick-up and delivery service with the ‘Glovers,’ who sign up as individual couriers on the Glovo app or website. Glovo recently announced that it has entered into a €100 million strategic partnership with Stoneweg, as the company expands its newly-launched quick commerce (Q-Commerce) division.

Matsmart (Stockholm)

Matsmart is a Swedish e-commerce firm with a mission to eliminate food waste by offering surplus food an alternate route to market. Thanks to Matsmart’s reduced rates, customers can save money while still helping the environment. Matsmart, a Swedish e-commerce startup, recently raised €7.5 million from new and existing investors.

Nu3 (Berlin)

Nu3 promotes itself as a lifestyle brand by disseminating advice and tips through its online network, in addition to selling a range of nutrients and supplements, including those that are only available via its website. Founded by Kassian Ortner, Robert Sünderhauf and Felix Kaiser, Nu3 has been able to draw investors such as Lakestar, Project A, and Black River Ventures.

Ottonova (Munich)

Inspired by Oscar, Ottonova launched a new health insurance model based on digital technology. To date, the company has raised around €40 million, the most recent being a €10 million Series C round led by Debeka, Germany’s largest private health insurance provider. In 2019, Ottonova raised €60,000,000 in Series D funding from btov Partners and 3 other investors.

Spotahome (Madrid)

Spotahome is a Spanish startup with a groundbreaking business model that aims to revolutionize real estate around the world. Its marketplace provides the most comprehensive listings of apartments, houses, studios, and student residences for residential rentals of more than 30 days through an online booking platform, which enables tenants and property owners to save time and money by eliminating visits. The organisation currently operates across nine countries, with 40,000 listed properties accessed by over 600,000 users every month on its website.