10 Sustainable Startups In UAE

10 Sustainable Startups In UAE

What are the top 10 sustainable startups in UAE? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Regional startups are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional business models and keep the Middle East at the forefront of global innovation. They are creating opportunities by encouraging the youth of the Middle East and building new ecosystems for future growth. Here are the Middle East’s most influential startups promoting sustainable living”.


Bekia, a Cairo-based startup, is one of the world’s largest waste producers. Bekia has successfully completed over 10,000 orders, accumulating over 20,000 tons of solid waste. The startup intends to tenfold its operational efforts and expands throughout Egypt, beginning with Alexandria.

Go Clean

Cairo’s Go Clean has received over 9,000 orders of recyclable waste from 35 areas in less than a year, generating over $30,000 in sales. Go Clean collects recyclable waste from factories, banks, embassies, and schools, including UN Egypt, Vodafone, and Nestle, with over 100 orders per day.

Avani Middle East

Avani Middle East has earned more than $4 million in revenue by replacing and reducing 60 per cent of plastic bag consumption with 100% compostable plastic alternatives made from natural and renewable ingredients. From takeaway cups to shopping bags, all of its products are nontoxic, dissolve in water, and have been shown to be safe if consumed by animals.


Recycling startup FabricAID repurposes fabric waste to reuse and recycle unwanted clothing. The firm has saved 324,000kg of CO2, 540 million litres of water, and 45,000kg of pesticides and fertilisers.

Badia Farms

Badia Farms is the GCC’s first commercial indoor farm, employing cutting-edge hydroponic technology to cultivate crops without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. The 50,000-square-foot facility will be capable of producing 3,500kg of high-quality fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Green Touches

Green Touches, a natural and eco-friendly company based in Dubai, aims to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in commercial and domestic cleaning by utilising innovative technologies. The firm has saved over eight million litres of water per year through implementing its Aqueous Ozone clean technology.

Seramic Materials

Seramic Materials offers solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, save energy in industry, and recycle industrial waste into value-added products. This franchise model will be used globally to recycle at least 30 million tons of bottom ash. Alumina Energy, Masdar, and BP are among the startup’s clients.

Live Love Recycle

Live Love Recycle, a recycling startup, received $75,000 in funding through a crowd funding kick-starter. Drivers are encouraged to collect waste on electric bikes within 25 minutes using the company’s mobile app.


Since its inception in 2017, waste and recycling startup Baramoda has converted 70,000 tons of agricultural waste into organic fertilisers. It is the Middle East and Africa’s first startup to produce bio-fertilisers, which reduce water usage by 30% and chemical fertiliser usage by 50%, increasing agricultural productivity.

Edama Solutions

Edama Solutions specialises in converting organic waste into desert agriculture products. The company has helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions by removing organic waste from landfills. It also aids landscapers in the development of green spaces by cutting water consumption by half.