11 Boston Startups Going Green and Clean in Tech

11 Boston Startups Going Green and Clean in Tech

What are the top 11 Boston startups going green and clean in tech? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Over a decade ago, dozens of new energy startups emerged on the startup scene in Boston and elsewhere, aiming to make cleaner power more affordable while averting the looming climate crisis. However, many failed in their quest to think big, succumbing to unworkable technology, lower-cost competition or cheap natural gases.

Now, a new generation of innovators has emerged, aiming their innovative ideas at the climate crisis and making their task all the more important to save the planet. And these Boston tech companies are using technology to improve efficiency by going green and clean in tech.”


CloudSolar builds its own solar farms, where consumers from all over the world can purchase individual panels to help offset their own energy consumption and even earn money from the energy produced. The company collaborates with utility companies and local developers to integrate solar energy into the overall grid.

Elysium Industries

While reducing energy consumption is important for the environment, we will still require power to power our electric cars, computers, and other devices. Elysium Industries aims to make that power cleaner by using nuclear power via their molten salt system.

Sungage Financial

Many environmentally conscious people do not want to wait for energy firms to switch to greener sources, preferring instead to generate their own energy with solar panels. However, they can be costly. Sungage Financial connects customers with solar technology funding, working with installers and investors to help homeowners save.


Ecovent helps customers to efficiently heat and cool their homes. The smart system can save energy by monitoring the temperature in different rooms and opening individual vents on demand.


Indigo collaborates with farmers to provide solutions that improve soil health while limiting carbon emissions. Indigo also uses microbes from resilient plants to strengthen crops, allowing farmers to protect the environment while increasing their profitability.


AppHarvest is setting the standard for cutting-edge thinking and solutions. AppHarvest can caretake for more fruits and vegetables with recycled rainwater, diligent AI technology, and efficient LED lighting in a climate-controlled facility.


The energy grid is vulnerable, and when large businesses require a large amount of power quickly, it can constrict the system and cost those businesses money. Customers can intelligently queue power needs with eCurv, giving the energy grid an imperceptible moment to prepare for increased demand while reducing cost and wasted energy.


Most people can’t implement solar because they live in shady areas, rent their homes, or live in larger buildings where they have no control over what goes on their roof. The Solstice Initiative connects customers with those who generate solar energy, thereby helping to reduce the use of dirty energy sources.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert allows food-related businesses to recoup the value of otherwise wasted food. The system aids in the management of donations, the coordination of fulfillment, and the capture of revenue and tax benefit documentation.


EnergySage runs a solar energy marketplace. Quotes can be obtained from installers by interested homeowners. The company also provides solar energy information to help homeowners determine if solar energy is right for them.

Tank Utility

Getting propane delivered isn’t the most efficient process, but Tank Utility is working to improve it. Deliveries can be scheduled more efficiently by monitoring tank levels. It simplifies reordering for consumers, while suppliers can know exactly how much is required in a delivery and save money on unnecessary transportation costs.