5 Growing Fintech Companies in Boston

5 Growing Fintech Companies in Boston

What are the 5 fastest growing fintech companies in Boston? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Technology is now integrated into all aspects of life, including our finances. Fintech firms in Boston, help build, grow, and improve people’s finances on a daily basis by providing resources and tools that make personal finance know-how accessible to all. This article introduces you to the growing fintechs in Boston and explains how they’re changing people’s lives.”

Forward Financing

Forward Financing is a financial technology company dedicated to assisting its employees and customers in reaching their full potential. Small business management is difficult, and they assist owners in spending less time looking for capital and more time helping customers and growing their business. Unlike traditional bank financing, which can take months, our dedicated account representatives and simple online application allow our customers to receive the funds they require within 24 hours.


To digitally transform business banking, Numerated collaborates with banks and credit unions. Business owners find it difficult to obtain financial products from banks. Most banks provide antiquated purchasing experiences: time-consuming branch visits, lengthy paper applications andwaiting for credit decisions.Numerated help make the process more convenient.

Raise Green

Raise Green, the United States’ first green crowd-investing portal, encourages investors to “put their money where their heart is” by directing their efforts towards localised clean energy projects and climate-friendly solutions. Raise Green helps communities obtain financing, capture tax breaks, and achieve long-term energy savings. It assists with the legal aspects, compliance, and financial modelling of each project, as well as supporting community negotiations to establish beneficial power purchase agreements.


DipJar is transforming nonprofit fundraising efforts across the United States by enabling organisations to collect online, mobile, and credit card donations through a series of interactive campaigns. DipJar claims that its integrated payments platform enables engaging, and frictionless giving. In addition, its cashless giving device educates donors about the brand, cause, or mission, creating memorable experiences and inspiring donors to become a part of the story.


Leyton is an innovative consulting firm with a specific objective: to rapidly improve its clients’ financial performance without interfering with their core business. Their current focus in the United States is on the implementation and optimisation of Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief and Credits.