5 LA-Based Big Data Companies You Should Know

5 LA-Based Big Data Companies You Should Know

What are the 5 LA-based big data companies you should know? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Many big data developers in Los Angeles can help you gather real-time information and transform it into valuable insights by providing data analysis solutions and data intelligence consulting. Involving big data analytics firms can provide you with numerous benefits, including cost and time savings, understanding market conditions, new product development, controlling online reputation, etc.

Big data may not be the buzzword it once was, but the industry offers virtually limitless opportunities. We’re currently seeing the first LA-based big data companies come into their own, becoming cornerstones in a promising community. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the ones you should watch in 2022.”


Enervee, one of LA’s rapidly growing crop of cleantech companies, offers consumers the energy efficiency of various household appliances and consumer electronics. Their data-driven approach saves money and is environmentally friendly while also providing government agencies insight into consumer trends.


Viant collects, enhances, and analyses petabytes of data to give users unprecedented insight into customer and audience behaviour. The self-service platform uncovers comprehensive insights and incorporates automation so users can efficiently plan, implement, and track omnichannel marketing campaigns, allowing campaigns to be easily scaled and modified.


DataScience provides clients with actionable insights based on massive amounts of data. The Culver City-based startup aims to help businesses spend less time searching for ideas and more time acting on data-driven recommendations. DataScience has raised $28 million in three rounds of funding in its two years of operation.

MD Insider

MD Insider uses big data to help people discover, find, and schedule appointments with the best doctors. The company also collaborates with employers to create an environment where employees can make the best healthcare decisions possible. Since being founded in 2012, the firm has raised nearly $24 million in funding.


Comparably, founded by former Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar has created a platform that provides compensation data for both public and private companies. The data can assist companies in understanding their employees’ true worth and how everyone can work more efficiently at their jobs while also providing employees with compensation data for other employees in similar positions.