Startups That Are Making Waves in the United Arab Emirates

5 Startups That Are Making Waves in the United Arab Emirates

CEO Ram Tumuluri says “ With an abundance of luxury hotels, skyscrapers, decadent restaurants, stunning man-made structures and a diverse multi-skilled workforce, the UAE is a hotspot for businesses and startups” 

1. Hubpay

Founded in 2018 by Kevin Kilty, Hubpay was created to increase financial inclusion in emerging markets by providing cross-border money services. Hubpay was backed by five investors raising over $2 million, and it is now considered a go-to money transfer service provider in the UAE and beyond.

2. 99Starz

Established in 2021, the UAE startup 99Starz focuses on giving gamers the platform to earn money by playing blockchain video games and creating NFT yield. 

From the time it was founded by Luca Lamberti in Dubai, the company has already earned two investors who are backing up its goals of helping the gaming community get more recognition as a viable source of income for gamers around the world.

3. Hala

Hala is a company that uses IT to make taxi services in Dubai more affordable and accessible to regular customers.

Hala has developed a smart way to explore Dubai through its app without spending a lot of money on taxi services. Although it has not received any outside investment yet, the startup is showing a lot of promise, especially with the support of its local investors and the technology backing the company.

4. Raseed

Established in 2020 by Abdel Sallam Qatshan, Raseed is a Fintech company that offers a platform for investors in the UAE and the Middle East to invest in the American stock market. 

The goal here is to make investing more accessible to average locals where they can earn money and build a portfolio without the need to go through the long process themselves. With two investors, Raseed earned 4.1 million SAR since it was established and continues to grow today.

5. GrubTech

Finally, we have GrubTech, a Dubai-based company founded in 2019 by Mohamed Al Fayed, Mohamed Hamedi, and Omar Rifai. 

Offering a unique SaaS service that digitizes commercial kitchens, GrubTech has made it easier for restaurants to attract customers by giving them accurate data that they can use to understand them better. 

With an investment of over $18.4 million, the startup has grown immensely throughout the years and is now considered one of the top Saas companies in the UAE and the Middle Eastern region.