Top Melbourne Startups

5 Top Melbourne Startups to Watch Out

CEO Ram Tumuluri says, “Australia is not just about world-class surfing and pristine beaches. It’s also revered for its unique ecosystem and laid-back culture. Although it may seem so, Australia’s economy is not solely about tourism. Currently, there are about 17,000 tech start-ups in the country. In 2021, the industry was projected to contribute over $100 billion to the country’s GDP. “

Given Australia’s huge market plus accommodating government incentives, Australia is one of the best places to launch a start-up.

The city of Melbourne is one of the most preferred hubs for tech businesses. Out of the 17K enterprises, Melbourne has some of the names to watch when it comes to technology and innovation. 

Here are the 5 top Melbourne startups to watch.


Industries: Software, Online Games, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Developer Tools

Founded Date/Year: June 2020

Warrp is an agile web 3 company that specialises in creating solutions for the metaverse, allowing project creators to accelerate in the space. 

Before becoming a web 3 company, Warrp successfully launched Warrp marketplace, Australia’s most popular second-hand marketplace. The app provides a secure place for sellers and buyers to trade at a Warrp trusted partner.

Currently, Warrp is working on a community-driven Nun-Fungible Token. The project offers value to its holders and allows project managers to invest in NFTs available through its projects.

Marli Technology Solutions

Industries: Environmental Consulting, Blockchain

Founded Date/Year: 2021

Environmental projects are essential to provide positive results on Earth. Marli is focused on making environmental projects easier through its project support and high-quality offset. 

Its aim is for existing ecological projects to be sustained and new ones to be supported. Marli makes climate change projects easier by automating green financing, automating emissions assessments, and standardising the marketplace.


Industries: Software, Cyber Security, Risk Management, Legal Tech, Compliance

Founded Date/Year: June 2019

6clicks specialises in risk assessment & management and compliance. The online platform automates businesses’ risk and compliance programs and vendor risk management and speeds up audits and policy implementation. 

The easy-to-set-up 6clicks platform allows users to benefit from its massive content library, import standards, laws, and regulations. 6clicks is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes. 

XY Sense

Industries: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Property Management, Sensor

Founded Date/Year: 2016

XY Sense is a proptech company that has successfully engineered a privacy-sensing sensor. The use of power sensors and AI-powered analytics make XY Sense the smart sensor of choice by corporate real estate teams globally.

From occupancy planning to return to the office to agile workplace design, XY Sense has robust solutions for enterprise property teams.


Industries: Hardware, Music

Founded Date/Year: 2015

Nura is a manufacturing company specialising in Nuraphone. The new headphone integrates new technology that tunes the headphone according to the user’s hearing for a personalised sound. 

The Nura monetary funding was granted by the Melbourne Accelerator Program along with mentoring and office space. Nura also raised a whopping $1.8 million in 2016 so that they could begin the mass production of Nuraphone. It has won several awards and has released five products since then.