AI Companies To Watch in 2022

AI Companies To Watch in 2022

Wondering which AI companies to watch in 2022? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “AI technology is being embraced by SMEs and major organizations in automotive, manufacturing, banking, hotels, media, and travel. In addition, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are all substantially investing in developing AI and ML algorithms.

Working with AI companies can improve processes, maximize resources, and increase returns through changing how management and staff do their day-to-day tasks. As a result, we’re looking at some of the top AI businesses enabling MSMEs and large-scale enterprises to join the AI revolution in 2022.”

AI Companies To Watch in 2022


DataRobot was founded in 2012, with its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and offices in five additional countries. The company is an AI cloud leader, offering platforms for collecting, analysing, and processing data from all types and environments. Indeed, it employs a systematic strategy to streamline corporate processes and increase return on investment. The company believes in AI systems’ faster processing and scalability. DataRobots has clients from all over the world, many of them being Fortune 50 companies.

Domino Data Lab

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Domino Data Lab provides an Enterprise MLOps platform. Above all, it assists organisations in revamping their systems and processes and adopting cutting-edge technology. Domino Data Lab collaborates with the market’s leading IT infrastructure and solution suppliers. Moreover, Domino Data Lab has Fortune 100 clients ranging from the medical industry to agriculture and automotive.


Atomwise launched in 2012 in San Francisco, California. The company plays an important role in the medical industry by assisting businesses with computer-aided medication design and drug discovery through AI and ML. That is to say, Atomwise seeks to improve drug development by streamlining the process and assisting developers in meeting their objectives more quickly and effectively. The company’s technology uncovers small molecule hits and build large medication pipelines.


Dataiku launched in 2013 and has headquarters in New York, United States. Above all, the organisation believes in systematising the usage of data to attain corporate goals easily. That is to say, it provides centralised solutions for designing, deploying, and managing AI-based enterprise applications. Finally, Dataiku uses innovative technology to bring people and AI together on the same platform to provide the intended results.

AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics launched in 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. In the recycling industry, the company uses AI and robots to assist businesses in overcoming recycling issues and developing a cost-effective and scalable solution. Furthermore, the firm has a presence on three continents and has built hundreds of systems to boost the value of recycled materials and promote sustainability.