Best Clean Energy Companies in London

Best Clean Energy Companies in London

What are the best clean energy companies in London? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “By reducing your carbon footprint, you can help protect the environment by switching to a green energy provider. Many green tariffs are priced in conjunction with traditional tariffs, so there may be no additional cost to pay. While the market for green tariffs is expanding to meet demand, what ‘green’ actually means for each provider can vary widely, making it difficult to determine whether a company is truly meeting your ethical requirements. Keeping this in mind, we compared UK energy providers to find the best in the green arena.”


Octopus is a renewable energy firm that invests in sustainable technology. They’ve also expanded into electric vehicles, developing a system called the Powerloop that allows drivers to run their homes on the power of their car during peak energy times, relieving the national grid of vital pressure.


Bulb is yet another company that offers 100% renewable energy to homes and businesses. They also provide natural gas that is carbon neutral. Their generous Refer a Friend policy as well as commitment to social responsibility set them apart. Bulb donates £1 for every switch to a charity project that teaches inner-city children how to grow their own healthy food and then allows them to put those skills into practice.

Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy is a spin-off from Oxford’s Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). It is working to speed up the development of clean energy production via fusion (the joining of hydrogen atoms) by employing devices that integrate plasma in a magnetic field with superconductors.

Recycling Technologies

Recycling Technologies, which was spun out of the University of Warwick in 2012, has developed modular technology that can turn mixed plastic waste into feedstock for new plastic production. By installing its chemical recycling technology at existing waste sites, the company hopes to create a circular economy for plastic, reducing glasshouse gas emissions and ocean waste.

Good Energy

Good Energy is a 100% renewable energy generator and supplier, as well as an energy services innovator. Good energy gets its power from a network of 1,600 independent UK generators. Since its inception 20 years ago, the company has been at the leading edge of the initiative for a cleaner, more distributed energy system. Its mission is to assist UK households and businesses in generating, storing, and sharing clean energy.

First Light Fusion

First Light Fusion is focused on a novel approach to inertial confinement fusion (ICF) for energy generation. Unlike other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, fusion can produce baseload power regardless of the weather.