Seven Innovative Companies

Business in New York: Seven Innovative Companies to Check Out

CEO Ram Tumuluri says, “It is called “the city that never sleeps” for a reason, and that is because New York has always been about hustling hard to establish yourself, whether you are working for someone or starting your own business.”

Here, we look at seven innovative companies that could inspire you as an entrepreneur:

1. Stripe

Although initially established in San Francisco, the Irish-American SaaS company has recently acquired its headquarters in Lower Manhattan in New York. Strip has become more than just about financial services. It recently started Stripe Climate, an ambitious carbon-removal technology that could kickstart the carbon removal industry with its plan to develop software to help remove tons of CO2 in the air every year. 

2. Oscar Health

With New York taking the most hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now a strong demand for health insurance across the state. Oscar Health aims to cater to that demand by making health insurance accessible to everyone using technological interfaces and telemedicine that help lower costs. They are currently working on making health insurance plans more transparent and easier to understand.

3. BlocPower

With the aim to battle climate change, New York-based startup BlocPower offers to electrify homes to reduce carbon footprint by removing old boilers, stoves, furnaces, and other oil- and gas-based products in the house and replacing them with technologies that are healthier for the environment.

4. SelfMade

Aimed at businesses and marketing professionals struggling with the cost of promoting their business online, SelfMade is a digital marketing agency that developed an app where companies can have their photos edited professionally at a lower price while offering tools that allow for easier social media management.

5. Compass

New York-based real estate company Compass offers software for real estate agents to market and sells homes a lot easier. It also developed an app that aims to change how customers search, buy and sell real estate properties by giving them access to experienced real estate agents who can help them buy or sell.

6. Intersection

Intersection aims to innovate outdoor advertising by creating digital kiosks for businesses and advertisers to display their advertisements. The New York-based startup believes that offering a multimedia approach to traditional advertising helps to improve user experience.

7. Stash

Finally, this list would not be complete without an app that allowed regular individuals to try their hand at investing. Stash is a fintech company that focuses on users making less than $50,000 a year—Uber drivers, retail workers, or teachers—and allows them to start investing with as little as $5 so they can get a good head start as an investor.