Five Sustainable Innovations to Watch in 2022

Five Sustainable Innovations to Watch in 2022

What are the sustainable innovations to watch in 2022? CEO Ram Tumuluri says, “Many of the technologies that venture on the sustainability journey never make it to practical reality, but some current trends can bring to light those that are now on the crest of the wave. In this article, we’ve chosen five top sustainability trends for 2022, where innovations from the tech startup scene will help shape a more resourceful economy by enabling efficiencies, data collection and analysis, and new designs and materials.”

Science-based Targets And Non-financial Reporting

In addition to business performance reporting, Europe will see an increase in demand for non-financial reporting in 2022. A new European Climate Law is driving this with rigorous climate target plans and a taxonomy for sustainable activities that are directing investments towards sustainable projects.

Sustainability Investing

Investors closely monitor sustainability trends and will help speed up investments in innovations with an environmental or social impact component. They are also tracking trends that aim to solve a sustainability challenge. Likewise, sustainability investing is already picking up steam in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Sharing Economy

In 2022, people will look for additional ways to reduce the strain on natural resources and prevent waste generation. One response has been an increase in minimalism, need-based purchasing, and the sharing economy. In addition, shared micro-mobility (bikes and scooters) and e-hailing are likely to continue in 2022.

Sustainable Packaging And Product Design

Among other sustainability trends, we anticipate that packaging manufacturers, FMCG producers, and distributors will accelerate innovation in eco-friendly design, materials, and processes in search of plastic alternatives.

Some success stories from around the world demonstrate the market potential of alternative packaging. In the United States, plant-based packaging manufacturer Footprint will soon make its market debut on Nasdaq.

The De-carbonisation of Food Systems

In 2022, we can expect to see the growth of sustainability trends in the food sector that was already formed in 2021. Plant-based products will continue to diversify and achieve greater fidelity to animal products.

Verdino Food Solutions, based in Romania, has already received praise for the quality of its products. The company created 60 plant-based meat substitutes based primarily on pea protein in two years. After raising growth equity, the company is now planning its expansion in both domestic and international markets.