French Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

French Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

What are the French tech startups to watch in 2022? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Paris will have the most vibrant tech scene in Europe” The combination of international talent, government initiatives, and entrepreneurial spirit in Paris is producing remarkable results. Investment in French startups is also increasing; 2021 was an interesting year for the French startup scene, with many achievements and good news”. Now, let’s look at the most promising startups to watch in 2022.


Bricks is a real estate company that takes a unique approach to investing. Their new approach to investing is that they allow you to purchase “Bricks” for €10 each, which are essentially shares in a building. They accomplish this by purchasing buildings and financing the first portion with a bank loan and the second portion with investors. They are a Montpellier-based startup that was founded in 2020 and has raised €882k to date.


E-Space provides higher capabilities and lower costs for satellite constellation deployment than its American counterparts. They are on a mission to revolutionise space by constructing the most sustainable satellite network in history. E-Space is also committed to keeping our environment clean. Overall, they are a promising startup to keep an eye on.


Greenly is a Paris-based startup that simplifies and intuitively accounts for carbon emissions for SMEs while also raising environmental awareness within the organisation. They offer a “Question of the Day” and a “Weekly Challenge” in order to get everyone on board with taking effective action within your company. Getting involved becomes enjoyable and it all starts with a phone app.


Umiami is a startup that has developed proprietary technology to produce the best meat substitute on the market. In 2020, they raised €2.3 million to create the world’s first plant-based whole-cuts. They texturise plant proteins using an unprecedented technique, and they are the first to create thick fibrous chicken breasts at scale.


Sweep is a Montpellier-based startup that has created software to help businesses and value chain organisations reduce carbon emissions. Sweep evaluates the way your business is organised, making it easy to delegate and track tasks and interpret every action in one place, whether you think in terms of products, divisions, or locations.