How To Approach A Bigger Client

Ram Tumuluri “How To Approach A Bigger Client: 5 Essential Strategies To Craft The Perfect Pitch”

CEO Ram Tumuluri “If you want to expand your business, you need to target larger clients while also being aware that your competitors are pursuing the same demographic. Because there are so many options for clients, most business owners quickly realize that half of their efforts must be devoted toward obtaining potential new clients. The marketing strategy for your business is the most important part of attracting major clients. So in order to approach a bigger client, you must plan ahead of time, create a specific plan, and follow through on that plan diligently.”

Focus on Your Key Advantages to Approach Bigger Clients

You probably don’t have the background or portfolio to impress your first major client if you’re pitching your first big client. Don’t worry about it. Everyone pitched their first major customer at some point, and everyone got their first big client. Focus on your primary advantages and what you’ll accomplish better than anyone else, rather than where you might be lacking.

Learn Where Your Potential Clients Hang Out 

Once you’ve figured out who you’re pitching for, you’ll need to figure out where to look for potential clients so you can reach out to them with your marketing strategy. For example, a comic book store owner is likely to find that potential consumers are active on social media sites dedicated to comic book, movie, and fan fiction discussions. As a result, the company’s marketing strategy would focus on social media promotion rather than direct mail advertising.

Identify What Prospective Clients Want to Approach Bigger Clients

Knowing where potential clients hang out is only half the battle; you also need to figure out what they’re missing in their life. To put it another way, you must figure out how your product or service will meet a want, satisfy a need, or answer a question in the lives of your prospective buyers. For example, suppose you’re in the meal-kit delivery business. In that case, you might find that customers prefer cooked meals to meals that they have to prepare themselves. To attract customers, you could then include cooked dinners in your products.

Reach Out and Emphasize Your Value to Approach Bigger Clients

Once you have the necessary tools and information, you can now directly use your marketing strategies to attract bigger clients. When reaching out to new clients, you have various options. One way to reach out to potential customers is to send them email newsletters with discounts, promotions, and other pertinent information about your company. This serves as an introduction to your products and services, as well as a way for potential customers to join your email list.

Offer Insights and Recommendations to Approach Bigger Clients

Pro service firms have access to vast amounts of data on publicly traded companies. So it’s important to conduct research, identify problems that the organization has faced, and use LinkedIn to find decision-makers and influencers. Then, based on your unique insights, suggest a solution to the problems. This approach shows to the prospect that you are interested in learning more about their needs.