How To Increase Community Awareness For Your Nonprofit

Ram Tumuluri “How To Increase Community Awareness For Your NonprofitRam Tumuluri

Ram Tumuluri “As a non-profit organisation, you must be active and responsive to the community in which you are based. By being an active participant of the local area you can not only raise awareness of your cause, but you can also engage with people who make up the very community in which you operate in. With these steps, you can raise your nonprofit’s community awareness and public perception. Help your community fall in love with your company by being more involved in the local community and helping to maintain a positive view of the public.”

Spread Awareness of Your Cause by Taking Part in Local Events

Participating in events where people meet in person can help you build a real community around your cause where you can talk about your cause and interact with like-minded people. Many cities and regions have local events, such as festivals and community gatherings involving local businesses, so this is a perfect way to get an event booth and get to know the community. 

Adapt your Social Media Content to Suit Audiences in Each Medium

Your content strategies should be built based on the demographics of your audience and the strengths of your social networks. For example, you can share stories about the individuals or families you are supporting through Facebook, post updates on cause-related news via Twitter. Using Instagram and Snapchat to take a look behind the scenes at the hard work done by your volunteers etc. 

Design an Ambassador Programme 

Another way to make your nonprofit more visible and boost community awareness is to create an ambassador programme. Even if you’re not the most established charity out there, chances are people like your volunteers and employees exist in your culture. Ask them to be ambassadors to you! Equip them with information and tools (such as brochures, a talk points cheat sheet, etc.) You can put together a simple ambassador agreement that outlines the programme objectives and sets specific goals and requirements for participation. Don’t forget to include what they can expect from your nonprofit in terms of support and training.