How Yoga Can Help You Be A Better Leader

How Yoga Can Help You Be A Better Leader

Ram Tumuluri “Being a CEO or Director is no cakewalk. The CEO is at the center of all critical decisions every day, which eventually shape your company’s future and its stakeholders. To want to be better is then primarily about logic and faith in your decision making. In other words, the journey begins from within. In this article, our team has looked into how practicing yoga can help you to be a better leader.”

How Yoga Can Improve Decision Making and Become a Better Leader

The power of focus 

How to get your meditation practice on track 

The Power of Focused Leadership 

A relaxed mind is a focused mind, ready for inner intuitive guidance. When an executive can easily articulate what really matters, create an ambitious vision for action, and commit to wise decisions, competitive advantage is gained. The relaxed mind obtained through meditation is agile and versatile, capable of achieving its objectives with ease. Competitive advantage is gained when a leader can easily identify what really counts, create an ambitious vision for action and commit to wise decisions. 

How to Get Your Meditation Practice on Track 

If you do not adopt the strong ethical and moral values, your mind cannot find peace and be free from outside interference. Those two steps are called yamas (don’ts) and niyamas (dos) in traditional Ashtanga yoga describes such instructions as truthfulness, acceptance, and self-reflection.  The first four steps of yoga are considered to be more of an outward practice, which gradually leads to the four inner phases: detachment of the senses, concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), and finally, nirvana (samadhi). These activities are brought together to eventually reveal reality in a new light, unhindered by social expectations. The simple practice of concentrating on your breath will feel more natural thus aligning  themselves with their inner voice and cultivating strength against any external influences. There’s no better time to get started than now! Tap into mindfulness, become proactive and lead better.