Impact of Brexit

Ram Tumuluri – Interesting Reads On The Impact of Brexit

As the count down to Brexit looms, the RT team have been looking closely at what the effects and impact of Brexit could be for British business owners who currently live, work and invest in Europe.

For countries such as Malta where British residents have heavily invested in businesses and property, we’re pleased to read this article by Massimo Costa of Business today on “Brexit’s impact on Maltese economy will be contained, even in worst-case scenario“. This article sets a positive tone and gives the country, expats and business owners alike hope that the exit will be fairly smooth as the government has put in place a solid strategy that will bolster local businesses from any possible fallout.

But what about the impact of Brexit for the thousands of people living in France? This article on 10 Questions on Brexit by UK Expats was produced by the UK Goverment and it sets out some interesting points in an easy to follow Q&A format.

One of the top questions that people should be aware of is “What should I do now as a UK national living in the EU? How will I register in
France after Brexit? Will I need a carte de séjour? What should I do now as a UK national living in the EU? How will I register in
France after Brexit? Will I need a carte de séjour?”

Now jumping across to Spain? The first thing to address is that it sounds like our compadres are trying their best to support the estimated 300,000 Brits who call the country home. The Locel Es Reports “with a no-deal scenario when all such rights would have automatically ended on Brexit day if Spain had not brought a contingency plan into law. Known as the Royal Decree on Brexit, Spain pledges to continue the rights for Brits legally resident here as long as reciprocal measures are also introduced for Spaniards resident in Britain. “

The Guardian’s Sam Jones reports “Spain moves to protect British residents in case of no-deal Brexit“, however with the Borris’s Brexit deal fast approaching and no clear agreement or plan set for Gibraltar, the question is, will they still be supportive?

But how will Brexit effect investors?

There’s no doubt that Brexit will heavily dominate the UK and European markets in 2020. This Is Money created an interesting read titled “What will 2020 bring for investors: UK remains unloved in Brexit era – could this be its comeback year?” which you can read into in various ways. One of the key quotes that stood out to us was “

What will UK investors do in 2020?

Investors are most likely to increase investments in the UK, Asia and emerging markets, according to a survey by AJ Bell of 1,400 of its customers. 

The US, Europe and Japan are likely to get less of their cash, and Europe is the least favoured in terms of performance next year.” With renewables and tech being top of the pile, overall, we expect to see a lot of opportunities for the bold but we’ll have to all wait and see what lies ahead once the final deal is cut at the end of January 2020.

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