LA Cleantech Companies You Should Know

LA Cleantech Companies You Should Know

What are the LA cleantech companies you should know? CEO Ram Tumuluri says “Los Angeles is a car metropolis, and it’s no surprise that the majority of the region’s cleantech innovation originates from the electric vehicle arena. However, apart from EVs, there’s a lot more going on in Los Angeles. Companies are innovating in areas ranging from building to upcycling and the consumer energy grid in order to reduce carbon emissions and make the future more sustainable. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the firms we believe made the most significant changes in 2022.”


Enervee is a firm that evaluates the energy efficiency of appliances and products. Retailers can then sell their products in Enervee’s store, where scores appear next to products to assist customers in making more effective purchases. The Venice-based software startup enables shops to offer products at discounted prices by providing Energy Saving Instant Rebates at the time of buying. The ultimate objective is to help people locate the most energy-efficient products and purchase them at the lowest possible cost.


Heliogen Inc. develops a robust solar energy system that concentrates sunlight into a small area and generates steam using a series of mirrors. In addition to heat and power, the company announced a collaboration with Bloom Energy Corporation to leverage its technology to manufacture green hydrogen energy. As if that weren’t enough, Heliogen also presented an autonomous robot that assists in installing and maintaining concentrated solar energy installations. Heliogen, which has Bill Gates’ backing, also plans to go public through a 2-billion-dollar SPAC deal with Athena Technology Acquisition Corp.


EVgo, an EV charging firm, has made headlines this year for forging strategic alliances with industry titans such as General Motors, Uber, Tesla, and BMW. In addition, the company received grants and support from several state governments, notably California, to increase their charging station offers. The Los Angeles-based startup claims that 80 percent of all Californians reside within 10 miles of a fast charger. The company also owns more than 800 stations nationwide across 34 states.

Eve Energy Ventures Inc (Xeal)

Eve Energy Ventures is a company that provides charging stations for electric vehicles. The Venice-based firm, often known as “Xeal,” provides charging stations for apartments and offices. What differentiates Xeal chargers from other charging technologies is that they do not require Wi-Fi communication between the vehicle and the charger. Instead, they rely on blockchain, a new developing technology. Users download the app and obtain a cryptographic token that displays the location of all Xeal chargers; the chargers can then validate the token without the need for Wi-Fi, which might be difficult to find in concrete parking spaces.

Connect Homes

Connect Homes specializes in building prefabricated homes. As opposed to traditional building techniques, Prefabs allow for easier installation and significantly lower the amount of carbon required to finish a project. Plant Prefab has previously been covered by dotLA, but Connect Homes takes the top slot on our list due to its lofty ambitions to truly replace traditional construction procedures.