London Green Tech Companies To Watch In 2022

London Green Tech Companies To Watch In 2022

Which London green tech companies to watch in 2022? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “The need for environmentally friendly solutions to address everyday problems has never been more pressing than it is today. As the repercussions of man-made climate change become increasingly visible in our daily lives, industries worldwide are continuously looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

As the historic capital of the United Kingdom, London has always been a center of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, which is mirrored in its thriving tech community. With that in mind, here are some of the best and brightest green tech startups to watch in 2022.”

Trojan Energy

Trojan Energy is a brand that aims to make electric vehicle charging more easily accessible for people who have to park on the street. Trojan’s solution is a street-based charging point that lays flat and flush with the pavement and is pushed up whenever a car needs to be charged, providing a convenient and discreet solution to the issue of street-side charging.


When it comes to being more sustainable, food waste is a huge concern, and one just needs to look at the tremendous amounts thrown out by our supermarkets to get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Olio aims to reduce food waste by linking people and businesses in a community and offering ways to exchange leftover groceries with one another rather than throwing them away. Non-food items can also be exchanged across Olio’s platform via its free app.


BuffaloGrid, another startup aiming to deliver modern amenities to rural and remote villages, aims to “connect the next billion” to ensure everyone has access to phone charging and multimedia streaming services. Each BuffaloGrid Hub serves approximately 600 people and can charge ten phones simultaneously, enable thousands of daily downloads, and allow 20 devices to stream content at the same time via the BuffaloGrid smartphone app.

Compare Ethics

Compare Ethics has developed an internet platform that analyzes firms’ ethical credentials and provides conscious shoppers with a database of products they can trust. Compare Ethics also works with companies to help them achieve verification, such as by complying with new UK and EU green-washing requirements. Compare Ethics is currently in the pre-seed funding stage.


Pavegen proprietary technology is created with the purpose of producing sustainable electricity from pedestrians.  The London-based tech firm created a floor tile that turns the kinetic energy of people walking over it into electricity. Not only that, but it can also collect data on walking traffic patterns in the locations where it is installed.