How To Handle Stress And Depression

Mental Health Day Focus: How To Handle Stress And Depression – A CEO’s Perspective

Ram Tumuluri “Dennis C. Miller is a nationally known strategic leadership consultant and motivational speaker with many years of experience. His early years were characterised by extreme depression and anxiety as a result of an abusive family life. Today, as a motivational speaker, author, leadership coach and educator, Miller has developed a career as a hospital executive and become a successful entrepreneur, inspiring many people. In this article, our team has researched and gathered some of his best tips on facing stress and depression.”

Mental Health Day Focus

How does a CEO who struggles with stress and depression succeed as an executive?

Don’t Let the Fear of Stigma Add to The Stress

Depression is not a personality defect. It may be the product of life trauma, loss or sorrow, and/or a chemical imbalance in the brain. Often, it is highly prevalent and treatable. Focus on the things you can control at work and in life, and consider stress management methods such as breathing exercises and healthy coping strategies as part of your recovery plan. 

Living a Balanced Life

To “de-stress”, it is important to have friendships, exercise, have a healthy diet and time off for vacations. Go to a movie (or have a movie night at home), have coffee with a friend, learn something new or spend time exploring a hobby. Plan for a fun weekend, and even consider taking a mid-week break.

Use Your Experiences to Mentor and Help Others

Contribute to a work environment where people are able to address stress, family obligations, workload and so on. Find ways to inform your employees about mental health, such as having a mental health awareness booth at the next health fair for your business. Discourage language which is demeaning. Improved mental health reduces absenteeism and low productivity, thereby enhancing the bottom line of the business.