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Ram Tumuluri – CES 2020 – The Future of Smart Tech, Gadgets, and AI

CES 2020 which like it’s tag line suggests, truly is the global platform for innovation. As possibly the world’s largest consumer electronics shows and a platform for manufacturers to showcase interesting technological innovations, industry professionals and self confessed tech geeks from across the globe will make their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas on the hunt for the next big thing. With an estimated 175,000 visitors and 4500 exhibitors reported to be attending this years exhibition we can’t help but be excited about what to expect. 

CES 2020 – Tech To Watch – New Trends

So what’s what and who’s at CES 2020? The tech expo will offer something interesting for everyone whether you’re researching future trends, business enterprise, or simply eager to see what’s the next big thing it tech and AI. 

Who’s attending CES 2020 That we’re excited about?

Brenna Berman – CEO City Tech

Lockie Andrews – Chief Digital Officer, UNTUCKit

Combiz Abdolrahimi – Emerging Technology & Innovation Leader, Deloitte

Freddy Abnousi – Head of Healthcare, Research, Facebook

What trends are we most interested in?

Ram Tumuluri “I’m particularly excited about CES 2020 and our researcher team will be actively seeking out innovation in climate resilience and development and trends within the AI sector for smart roads, green technologies, healthcare and travel”

The Internet of Things

CES goes beyond product announcements. One gets a benchmark of where AI and technology as a whole are heading. 5G, IoT and connectivity took center stage this year, while companies such as Baidu, Google and Amazon have really taken over the smart speaker interface in recent times, catching up in consumer AI. Manufacturers will be demonstrating ways in which IoT can improve everyday life.

How 5G Promises to Change the World

Building 5G into IoT has long been an aim of 5G proponents, and while 5G networks are fairly new, we usually get to see a few concept devices at CES a year or two before they become available. With the 5G trend, we are expected to see innovations in wearables, voice-tech and earbuds that become more useful and smart with ever advancing noise cancellation features. Companies like Walmart has adopted AI into its strategy and is already bringing technologies like augmented reality and robots to the shop floor to keep up with the innovation-eccentric cultures of companies like Amazon and Alibaba. 

5G integrate new levels of connectivity and China is considered as the world’s biggest rollout of 5G technology.  In its 13th Five-Year Plan the government describes 5G as a “strategic emerging industry” and “new area of growth,” and in its Made in China 2025 plan, which outlines its goal of becoming a global manufacturing leader.

The era of surveillance capitalism

The lines have blurred between smart gadgets and surveillance operations as facial recognition, data tracking and healthcare related data points begin to emerge. CES is a great opportunity for the manufacturer of facial recognition technology to demonstrate to the public how this kind of AI can improve daily life. This trend will also strongly favor the current technology companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Huawei, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and others.

CES 2020 is happening in Las Vegas between the 7-10 January 2020For more info and live streams visit https://www.ces.tech/

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