Promising French Startups To Look Out For In 2021

Ram Tumuluri “Promising French Startups To Look Out For In 2021”

CEO Ram Tumuluri “In recent years, France has emerged as one of Europe’s hottest digital hotspots, thanks to a major government drive to make the country more startup-friendly. French businesses got $5.2 billion in venture capital funding in 2020 since 2015 as the ecosystem has really taken off. Here are some of the most promising French startups to look out for in 2021 and beyond.”


Founded in 2019, Qwarry has created an ad targeting solution that doesn’t rely on cookies, instead, the startup employs semantic data to allow advertisers to tailor advertising based on the user’s consumption of content. The advertising environment is ready for a transformation, even as the digital business faces many obstacles. Right now, Qwarry allows users to transition to semantic data to improve their media campaigns and ad inventories. Qwarry raised €2 million in venture funding at the beginning of 2020.


Founded in 2018, Leavy is an innovative travel community and marketplace, making travel affordable for everyone. The startup aims to create how people pay for travel and hospitality by creating a new community platform that allows members to start their vacation with 100% guaranteed cash, share their space with visiting members. The all-in-one Leavy app, which is dedicated to rewarding its community with travel credit, can be used to save money on flights, lodging, and local experiences. Leavy has offices in Paris, London, Amsterdam Madrid, Rome, and Lisbon, and has raised over $19 million.


WeLink, which was founded in 2018, has helped thousands of professionals expand their online visibility and customer portfolio. The Paris-based startup promises to provide your company the best possible internet presence. As a result, WeLink is working on features that will enable businesses to be listed on all important networks. The WeLink platform incorporates lead management and customer relationship advancements on a regular basis. WeLink has raised €5.7 million from OneRagtime and Takara Capital so far.


Outsight, a startup founded in 2019, creates a unique sensor that pairs with a 3D Semantic Camera to give smart devices “Full Situation Awareness.” Their sensor combines software and hardware to deliver sensor advancements like remote material identification and 3D data processing in real-time. This technology allows systems to sense, interpret, and interact with their surroundings in real-time in a way that is unprecedented and cost-effective. Outsight’s 3D Semantic Cameras offer innovative solutions for smarter cities and improved vehicle safety. The Paris-based startup has so far received around €18 million in venture capital funding.


Kayrros is an advanced data analytics firm that specializes in the energy sector. In order to help global energy market players make smarter investment decisions, the company’s technologies blend machine learning, satellite imagery, natural language processing, the Internet of Things, and advanced mathematics with petroleum and financial engineering. Kayrros raised €24 million in 2018 and got an H2020 grant in 2019, bringing its total raised to over €30 million, which it will utilize to improve energy market transparency on a global scale.