Best Tech Startups In Los Angeles 2021

Ram Tumuluri “Best Tech Startups In Los Angeles 2021”

CEO Ram Tumuluri “According to the Kauffman Index, Los Angeles is the third most active startup city in the United States, Second to only San Francisco and New York. This should come as no surprise, given that the city is quickly positioning itself as an international hotspot for entrepreneurs in fields such as entertainment, advertising, fashion, cleantech, biotech, fintech, and even space. Here are some of the most promising startups that are expected to show tremendous growth in 2021”.

Ram Tumuluri “Despite rocky times, the tech industry in LA is still paving the way to the future.”


Survios is at the cutting edge of virtual reality game development and is paving the way for the future of immersive technologies. They have taken a comprehensive approach to virtual reality innovation from the get-go, developing hardware, software, and games in tandem to take VR to heights no one thought was possible. Survios provides a pet-friendly workplace, unlimited vacation time, and various perks and incentives to ensure that their team has all they need to create outstanding Active Virtual Reality experiences.


Founded in 2013, NovaSignal, changed its name from Neural Analytics recently to highlight the company’s plans to employ its autonomous technology for detecting blood flow in the brain for purposes other than stroke diagnosis. NovaSignal has raised $111 million in capital from a dozen investors, including a few local VC firms in the Los Angeles area. About $26 million of that total came from research funds from an alphabet soup of agencies, including the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation.


PlayVS is dedicated to creating the infrastructure and official platform for esports in high school and college. They build and operate sanctioned leagues around the country in collaboration with game producers and high school regulatory organizations. Their software products connect everything, resulting in the first full-stack sports platform in the world. PlayVS is based in Los Angeles, California, and is rapidly expanding.


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Honey is the easiest way to save when shopping online. The free browser extension not only finds and applies coupons at checkout, but it also helps users save money on Amazon by displaying price history, identifying the best price, and offering a product called Droplist, which monitors selected products and sends notifications when the price falls below a set threshold. They also have offices in Santa Barbara, New York, Boulder, Sydney, and London. was founded in 2013 with a single goal in mind: to make real estate investing easier by bringing together real estate entrepreneurs and investors using cutting-edge technology. Today, they are a major online real estate capital platform, providing commercial equity and commercial debt solutions to investors around the country and permanently changing the way real estate investing and financing is perceived through digital real estate crowdfunding.