Top Asian Healthcare Start-ups

Ram Tumuluri – Top Asian Healthcare Start-ups

Ram Tumulri “In this age of life changing pandemics and the looming threat of climate change, healthtech ventures are combining data science, biotechnology, AI and networking to stay ahead of current and impending health concerns. Asia’s healthtech eco system has been thriving for a while. This week our team look at some of the top healthcare start-ups in Asia and how they’ve been seeking to improve people’s well-being.”

Molcure – How AI and biotechnology can accelerate drug-discovery

Based in Japan, Molcure is helping pharmaceutical companies to move on to next-generation drug discovery.  Molcure combines AI and data collection through directed evolution (protein engineering) and automation to zero in on best drug candidates. This technology helps pharmaceutical companies to cut back on R&D costs and shorten the discovery process.

iCarbonX – Using technology to map health risks and opportunities

Founded by genomicist Jun Wang, this Chinese start-up is redefining the way in which healthcare professionals can refine diagnoses and come up with targeted treatment plans for specific conditions. iCarbonX combines genomics along with lifestyle choices and other factors like metabolites and bacteria to form a digitalized form of life. After combining data from biological measures with data (experiential) from millions of people across the globe, iCarbonX uses AI to look through the data for indications about health concerns. To sum up, iCarbonX is digitalizing biology to map health risks and opportunities.

mClinica – Effective networking to change how pharmacies work

Based in Singapore, mClinica follows a social enterprise business model to connect pharmacy professionals and patients to data-driven programmes on mobile platforms to enhance health outcomes. The Company’s three effective mobile platforms dubbed ‘SwipeRx, SnapRx, and Connect’, each manage a different aspect of the pharmaceutical supply chain.  SwipeRx reaches around 150 million patients per month and is the largest social network for pharmacy professionals. SnapRx gleans health data in real time from prescriptions. Connect enables patients to better understand and afford their medication.

Prenetics – Genetic testing for healthy living

This digital health company helps individuals to find out how their genes impact their susceptibility to disease, cancer and discover their drug response from a simple saliva sample. Users can use the data to change their diet and lifestyle to live healthier more fulfilling lives.

Medlinker – Sharing medical expertise

This social networking app hosts verified doctors to help them share their medical insights, expertise and facilitate referrals. The app serves over 30 provinces in China and even allows patients to ask questions from the medical community and book appointments.

Medifi – Facilitating medical consultations online

The beauty of Medifi is that it provides a cloud-based platform to users to consult medical professionals sans geographical barriers. The Company delivers remote healthcare solutions including video consultation, medical imaging and allows patients to receive prescriptions and even get medical certificates online.

Alodokter – Facilitating accessible and easy to understand medical information

Since its inception in 2014, Alodokter has changed the way Indonesians obtain their medical information. Alodokter provides accurate, easy to understand and more importantly accessible medical information in the local languages. Bahasa. A team of verified doctors curate this digital platform, allowing just about anyone to access trustworthy medical information.

Healint – Digital guide to help manage chronic pain

This Singapore based tech start-up uses real time data analytics and machine learning to gain insights into patients’ conditions. Their communication platform allows patients to connect with physicians and healthcare companies to better manage pain through an insight driven approach and expedites therapy innovation.

Healthtech is geared to change the way we perceive healthcare and provide more personalized and easy-to-use systems, allowing millions of people to take better care of their health.