Top Healthcare companies in Artificial Intelligence

Ram Tumuluri – Top Healthcare companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ram Tumuluri – “We have yet to discover the unimaginable potential of Artificial Intelligence in our approach to healthcare. At the very least, medical AI can offer more precision and accuracy in diagnostics and deeper, data driven insights into treatment planning. The medical AI landscape is moving forward rapidly, but who are the most impactful disruptors? How will they change the course of the world? Here are our team’s top picks from amongst both tech giants and start-ups.”

Top Healthcare companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020

Google Health – Helping healthcare professionals to improve care

Google Health is exploring how AI can diagnose cancer, predict outcomes for patients and even prevent the onset of blindness. At the moment, they are focusing on a hybrid model through partnering medical professionals to deliver better care. They’ve already made progress in modeling lung cancer prediction.

Babylon Health – Personalized consultation through deep learning

The UK based Company offers a free Smartphone app to match patients to relevant doctors. This user – friendly, yet advanced app relies on an interactive mode to match patients to doctors with admirable precision. The app’s AI communicates with patients about their symptoms before matching them with a physician, who then proceeds to provide medical assistance via video or voice call.

Turbine – A promising model in advanced cancer research

This Hungarian start-up has come up with an AI driven ‘Simulated Cell’ (software platform that models living organisms, in particular cells) that can accurately mirror the molecular diversity of cancer cells. Through bypassing trial and error aspects of a laboratory trial, this approach offers a rational, focused and faster process in cancer research. In layman’s terms, this method can help researchers understand the pathology of cancer and come up with highly effective therapies.

Butterfly Network – Introducing portable and affordable medical imaging

Butterfly Network presents a way to fit medical imaging in your pocket. Dubbed Butterfly iQ, this device combines AI, semiconductors and cloud technology in the form of a handheld device to enable remote medical imaging.The Company’s portable device uses a single silicon chip to obtain an ultrasound of the patient’s entire body. In addition to being inexpensive when compared to the conventional method, Butterfly iQ is the perfect solution for the COVID – 19 era. In fact, this device already helps doctors to monitor COVID – 19 patients by giving a clear and immediate image of their patients’ lungs.

Deep Genomics – Enabling faster and efficient drug development

Based in Toronto, Deep Genomics works closely with medical researchers and professionals to develop medicine to treat genetic diseases. Their AI platform efficiently pinpoints the best drug candidates. In 2019, Deep Genomics made a breakthrough in a new treatment and viable drug candidate for Wilson disease.

These companies are looking into ways to gain deep, more accurate and information driven insights into diagnosing diseases, treatment options and patient outcomes. The world will be a much safer and better place for it.