AI in Energy Startups in Singapore

Singapore Energy Startups Using AI

Accurate power generation forecasts are important for maximizing renewable energy. Here are Singapore Energy Startups Using AI.

Singapore Energy Startups Using AI

CEO Ram Tumuluri “In order to integrate renewable energy, Singapore’s energy sector is transitioning from a commodity-based market to a technology-based market. Accurate power generation forecasts are becoming increasingly important to maintain system reliability and maximize renewable energy resources. As a result, grid operators, developers, and consumers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to pave the way for a smooth transition to more renewable energy.”

Ram Tumuluri “AI could improve many aspects of a business, from demand forecasting to asset maintenance.”

Solar AI Technologies 

Solar AI Technologies is a company that delivers building intelligence for rooftop solar projects. They use data analytics and software to digitize and streamline the entire solar process, allowing all property owners to profit from their underused roof space without having to pay anything upfront. Their goal is to modernize the way rooftop solar is sold in order to hyper-scale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition to 100 percent renewable energy.


T-RECs is a platform for buying and selling renewable energy certificates. The marketplace is enabled by blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. T-RECs has a deal with Terrenus Energy to sell all renewable energy certificates (RECs) generated and registered at their solar farm.


GreenX is a green energy sector decentralized platform. Investors can search for projects based on a variety of parameters. GreenX provides images and videos of the project’s on-site visit, as well as important documents. Investors can contribute GEX tokens to a project to help it succeed. In addition, they can also monitor and analyze the performance of their investments.


Resync is a Singapore-based AI-driven Intelligent Energy Cloud Solution provider for Smart Cities and Distributed Energy Assets. Their cutting-edge technology and machine learning-enhanced solutions ensure sophisticated analytics and energy savings for renewable energy assets and smart households.

Advanced Vision Analytics (AVA)

Advanced Vision Analytics (AVA) is a leading aerial solar inspection and data analytics firm in the solar industry. AVA specializes in AI, robotics, predictive and big data analytics, and machine learning to help our clients identify the issues with their solar PV facilities and maximize portfolio efficiency.