Software Companies in LA Driving Innovation

10 Software Companies in LA Driving Innovation in 2021

10 Software Companies in Los Angeles With Their Sights on The New Horizon

CEO Ram Tumuluri “Computers would be quite useless if they didn’t have programs to put the physical hardware to practical use. This is one reason why software developers are among the most significant players in the broader IT industry. In this article, we’ve rounded up 10 LA-based software companies that are disrupting the sector and driving innovation in technology”.

Ram Tumuluri “Software has become the backbone of the economy, and as such it’s important to recognize the companies who are leading the way.”

10 Software Companies in LA Driving Innovation in 2021

Snap Inc.

Snap’s software is redefining how people express themselves. The firm is the developer of Snapchat, one of the most successful social media platforms of all time, and Spectacles, that’s used to shoot and capture the world. With over 360 million active monthly users, Snapchat is a formidable platform for users as well as an ad platform for businesses.


Convoso develops call center software that automates lead follow-up, improves contact rates, and boosts ROI. Convoso’s configurable dashboards allow businesses to keep track of their own personal KPIs while simultaneously viewing relevant campaign information in real-time.


BlackLine’s cloud-based and scalable accounting solutions help automate the full financial closing process. More than 3,000 major firms around the world rely on BlackLine’s financial software, including Coca-Cola, eBay, Hershey, Hyatt, AAA, and Discovery.


GoGuardian creates classroom management software that keeps children safe online. They’ve worked with Google and Dell, and their software allows teachers more control over their students’ technology, ensuring that it’s utilized responsibly and without distractions.


Appetize creates payment and point-of-sale systems for a range of organizations, including live sports and music events. The Playa Vista-based firm assists these businesses in scaling their client transactions to increase efficiency. Appetize’s technology is used by clients such as the New York Yankees, Goldman Sachs, and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival to scale and analyze sales data.


Floqast is a fast-growing, growth-stage company reinventing how a critical business process (financial close) is performed. The firm develops accounting software that helps accountants to manage and close their accounts quickly and accurately. Floqast, the sole mid-market solution, has won the business of prominent companies like GrubHub, Zillow, and the Golden State Warriors.


SimplePractice is used by psychologists, therapists, and social workers to expand their practices, manage workloads, and engage with clients. SimplePractice is a convenient tool for all health practitioners, from viewing notes to filing payment requests. SimplePractice’s all-in-one management software is trusted by health and wellness practitioners to meet their growing needs.

Redgate Software

Redgate develops Microsoft data platform tools and applications that help teams boost productivity, follow DevOps best practices, and track database performance. Over 90% of Fortune 100 firms and major industry leaders, including FedEx, Amazon, Verizon, and Coca-Cola, use Redgate.


Surefront is a product journey management software that enables stakeholders to interact and make faster decisions at every stage of the game. The platform includes features for displaying products, managing feedback, negotiating quotations, settling orders, and more, allowing merchants and suppliers to communicate more effectively and increase sales efficiency.


Laserfiche is a global leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management (DMS), and Business Process Management (BPM) software. They are trusted by more than 35,000 companies around the world and provide a wide range of solutions such as enterprise content, records, and document management.