Most Popular London-Based Fintech Companies

The 3 Most Popular London-Based Fintech Companies

Ram Tumuluri says, “ With the world increasingly leaning towards cashless transactions through apps and online platforms, Fintechs are continuously evolving to offer diverse, competitive, and efficient financial services and products to the market.” 

Today, financial technology is rapidly emerging and evolving across the world. Start-ups continuously provide customers convenient ways to make payments, view, and manage their finances while at the same time making financial services accessible to everyone globally.

London-based Fintech Companies to Watch Out for

Here are the top 3 most popular London-based fintech companies to help support your business and unlock more revenue.

1. Ebury

Ebury was founded in 2009 by Juan Lobato and Salvador Garcia. The financial technology company operates globally, providing small and medium size organisations and businesses with funding and currency services.

Ebury specialises in international payments, mass payment solutions, risk management, e-commerce, and more, helping businesses streamline global trading processes.

Their mass payment solutions allow organisations to pay in over 140 currencies to over 200 countries through a secure platform. Ebury makes it easier to collect funds globally without needing local or multiple bank accounts.

Ebury’s cost-effective and efficient services are advantageous for organisations to expand their product offerings while at the same time improving their commercial brand. Integrating these solutions allows convenient finance management while helping businesses thrive and grow. 

2. LendInvest

LendInvest has been the leading platform for property finance since 2008. LendInvest’s asset management platform simplifies mortgage processing for intermediaries and landlords across the UK. With LendInvest, the process is expedited through reduced paper works enhancing the overall customer experience for borrowers and investors.

LendInvest has loaned more than £3 billion of mortgages and has funded new home improvements. From enquiry to the end, LendInvest provides a seamless application process.

Its online marketplace allows investors to access various assets, underwrites, and pre-fund multiple investments. Buy-to-let loans, development loans, and short-term property financing are also available.

3. Iwoca

Iwoca, founded by James and Christoph, was established when the duo realised the needs of small businesses and was dedicated to providing a way for them to have easy access to credit facilities. 

Since then, Iwoca has grown from a small start-up to a team of 300 based in London and Frankfurt, Germany. The team of developers and account managers work towards the goal of funding 1 million small businesses and making finance more accessible across the EU.

IwocaPay is a payment app that allows businesses to take customer payments for agreeable terms. It has two features; the Pay Now and Pay Later options, both giving distinct advantages for organisations and their customers.

London’s extensive talent pool, modern customers, and world-class funding make it a global leader in fintech. With more than half of Londoners utilising the benefits of digital banking services, there is no wonder why the London fintech sector is booming.