The Best Tech Companies in Singapore

The Best Tech Companies in Singapore

What are the best tech companies in Singapore? CEO Ram Tumuluri says, “Looking for the best tech companies based in Singapore that use cutting-edge technology? These tech companies demonstrate resilience and innovation using IoT, predictive analysis, big data, AI, and machine learning. This article brings you a list of Singapore tech firms that use technology to drive useful services and products for industries such as healthcare, real estate, and so on.”


Holmusk is a platform for disease management. It consists of two parts: the front-end and the back-end. Holmusk works directly with patients on the front-end. In addition, it makes recommendations to help patients make better lifestyle choices. The backend consists of a powerful data analytics platform. Holmusk collaborates closely with hospital and healthcare partners on the backend. This early detection gives doctors and patients more time to better manage chronic diseases.


Appknox supports businesses and app developers in creating more secure mobile apps. Appknox detects vulnerabilities in your app and assists you in closing security gaps in a matter of minutes. It also ensures that your app meets global standards and has a higher level of security. Their scanner learns on its own. This is done without the need for access to the source code. All you need to do is upload your app, and the scan will begin.


Haulio is similar to carpooling. They collaborate with existing haulers to organise resources through the Haulio mobile app and portal. Customers can access and manage haulage bookings in one place with the Haulio portal. In addition, overflow jobs can be sublet to other haulers by hauliers. And if there are any idle trucks, haulers can use this platform to fill in the gaps.

Call Level

The uncertainty of the financial markets can be stressful and worry-inducing, depriving you of time to do what you want. Call Level alleviates that stress by helping you stay ahead of the market by monitoring it for you. It monitors the financial markets continuously and allows you to set price alerts on your Apple Watch smartphones and tablet. Whether an expert investor or a novice, you are always on the lookout for market movements.


Overdrive cloud platform collaborates with Microsoft to provide you with useful analytics. You can plant a sensor in anything that moves. Overdrives receive and collate raw data from a variety of sensors. A dashboard now provides an overview of your operations whether it’s machine temperature, team tracking, or remote engine shutdown.


Employee social marketing leads convert 7x more frequently than other leads. SOCXO gives your trusted people a place to share your company’s content with their friends and peers. These trustworthy individuals could be employees, partners, or customers. This collaboration also increases awareness, web traffic, leads, and influence. And you can reward them based on their contributions.