Green Tech Startups in Silicon Valley

The Five Green Tech Startups in Silicon Valley That Could Change the World

Ram Tumuluri says, “ With green tech companies sprouting throughout Silicon Valley, they are on a mission to use technology as an essential tool for promoting sustainability across different industries.”

Silicon Valley has given birth to some of the most significant technological innovations that the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, there has always been a price for it, especially when it comes to the environment. 

This industry is responsible for 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, contributing significantly to climate change.

1. Molekule

Silicon Valley startup Molekule was founded in 2014 to provide healthy, eco-friendly air to everyone. Its revolutionary product, “Air”, is an air purifier designed to destroy pollutants and deliver clean air. 

The device operates quietly, which is why you can use it at home, at your workplace, on public transportation, and in hospitals.

2. Phykos

Phykos is a startup founded by software developers and former GoogleX mechanical engineers that focuses on using machine learning and robotics to grow seaweed that removes carbon to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in different industries. 

For many years, it has created carbon-capturing robotic seaweed farms that the company believes will help stabilise the climate in the long run.

3. Iron Ox

This startup is different from most businesses that you see in Silicon Valley because it focuses on indoor farming. Iron Ox, founded in 2018, plans to develop an 8,000-square-foot production farm where robots can take care of the entire growing process, from planting to harvesting lettuce and packing it for the supermarket. 

The company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the process of growing food cheaper than traditional agriculture.

4. Span

Founded in 2018, Span is known for its smart electrical SPAN panels that replace your old electrical panel that need to be controlled manually. 

With SPAN panels, you can now control your panel using your phone, reducing energy use and making managing your home a lot easier, especially with your appliances.

5. Beyond Meat

Beyond meat may be a food company, but Silicon Valley puts a considerable value on it, even treating it like a green tech company. 

This is because, beyond all those plant-based food products that are replacing meat, the company also has an “innovation team” consisting of researchers and engineers who develop proprietary technologies used to develop its products.