Top 10 AI Companies Based In Miami

The Top 10 AI Companies in Miami

Many businesses today are pursuing ways to invest in the Artificial Intelligence sector. In this article, Ram Tumuluri outlines the top 10 AI companies in Miami.

The Top 10 AI Companies in Miami

CEO Ram Tumuluri “Virtually every major industry and business is being impacted by the rise of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. While many businesses stand to gain from AI, just a few have business models that are solely focused on AI and automation, an industry that is predicted to rise to $554 billion by 2024. This blog features our top picks for the best AI firms in Miami. These businesses are pursuing a variety of ways to inventing in the Artificial Intelligence sector, but they are all exceptional businesses worth pursuing.”


TekRevol is a 2014 Silicon Valley start-up. It provides startups and businesses with innovative digital solutions like designing and developing apps, websites, games, and e-commerce platforms. The firm promotes creative problem-solving and a dynamic approach to problem-solving, with a focus on increasing client satisfaction.


Webskitters is a reputable IT service provider specializing in website design, development, mobile app design and development, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence. This ISO 9001: 2015 certified company is headquartered in Miami and has offshore branches in the United Kingdom and India. They have a proven track record of providing a great experience for our clients through our digital solutions, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.


Ecosmob Technologies is an artificial intelligence and custom software development firm based in Miami. This company, which was founded in 2006, now employs over 200 people. Ecosmob Technologies offers mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and custom software development.

Folder IT

Folder IT is a software development firm that was launched in the year 2000 in Miami USA. They serve customers in the United States, Latin America, and Europe from their headquarters in Miami, Florida, and their Software Development Center in Argentina. Their services are centered on long-term engagements in which their resources become fully integrated part of the client’s organization, fully comprehending their business needs and culture.

AI Marketing

AI Marketing helps businesses in professionalizing their marketing and advertising procedures, expanding their business via the Internet, and therefore reaching new customers and increasing sales. To help their customers in achieving their objectives, they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions in marketing. AI Marketing was founded by Guillermo Gasparini, a seasoned marketing specialist, and can supply you with the most advanced digital marketing solutions to help you reach your company’s goals and objectives.

Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is an specializes in design and development, with a focus on solving business problems with immersive technologies. For clients all over the world, they build unique interactive Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality experiences. From concept and design to development and post-production support, they provide full-stack Spatial Computing solutions.


CAST AI is a cloud cost-cutting tool that optimizes DevOps and automates disaster recovery. For every Kubernetes workload, the CAST AI intelligent optimization engine provides a cost-effective, high-performing, and robust infrastructure.


Aivo produces virtual customer care agents who analyze and respond to consumer inquiries across many digital platforms. Its product, agentbot, is an automated customer support system that recognizes, analyzes, and responds to consumer inquiries in real-time. It assists businesses in lowering expenses and improving customer satisfaction. It also offers services in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Vozy offers a virtual assistant-based consumer interaction solution powered by AI. With AI-enabled speech bot solutions, it helps businesses engage customers, automate processes, and increase team productivity. Their key clients include Sura, Mapfre, Scotiabank, and Renault Sofasa.


Premonition combines artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to figure out which lawyer prevailed in front of which judges. They assist in tracking attorneys’ records, the selection of co-counsels, and the analysis of the court, judge, and opposing counsel. Premonition’s system mines through public data sources before creating snapshots of lawmakers and lobbyists and their connections.