The Top 10 Fintech Companies in Sydney

The Top 10 Fintech Companies in Sydney

What are the top 10 fintech companies in Sydney? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “With a multi-billion dollar financial services industry, Sydney dominates both Australia’s fintech and startup scenes, with fresh new faces making significant waves at local and international levels.

In Sydney, there is no shortage of fintech firms to choose from. We looked at both established fintech companies and brand new fintech startups to see who is currently breaking the mould, gaining traction, and disrupting the comparatively primitive finance industry.”


Brighte is a fully automated digital platform that allows interest-free payments on home energy and improvements. The platform focuses on funding renewable consumer energy and home improvements, allowing homeowners to access the most recent innovations in energy sources such as solar and battery storage.


Athena is a home lending platform that efficiently connects wholesale funds to prime Australian mortgage borrowers. Athena provides borrowers with a simple online application/ servicing experience and funders with transparent and timely portfolio data, allowing clients to obtain affordable mortgage rates and investors to earn higher returns.


Uno is a web-based marketplace that provides personalised home loans and mortgage plans. A team of financial experts guides the firm’s marketplace through the loan-application process. It enables customers to search, compare, and select the home-loan product that best meets their specific needs.


InDebted offers debt collection services as well as customised debt management tools. The platform uses machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing past-due accounts and offers application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect to customer account systems, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to receive flexible payment options.


Valiant is an online marketplace for business loans that focuses on the Australian market. Their technology provides business owners and advisors with customised business loan options and advice in minutes. Valiant’s offering spans the entire financial spectrum, from payday lenders to the Big Four banks.


PractiFI is a wealth management platform that brings a wide range of modern cloud features and integration. PractiFI has established a presence in Melbourne, Sydney, and Chicago since its commencement in 2013 and has collected $1.3 million in funding from investors.


BRICKX is a retail investor platform that aims to transform the Australian property investment landscape. They are currently the only platform in the Sydney fintech industry that provides investors access to both the real estate asset class and an in-platform secondary market for liquidity.


Blueshyft is an iOS-based platform that allows retail businesses to accept cash payments for online products and services. It is already installed in retailers across Australia. Founded in 2015 by Kain Warwick, Blueshyft is being used in over 1,400 retailers and has successfully raised over $5 million.


Persollo enables targeted social selling by leveraging data and artificial intelligence. Their ground-breaking platform enables brands and influencers to convert social media and digital media engagement into revenue in less than 15 seconds. As a Sydney fintech firm, they work with several well-known brands, including Marie Claire, HotelsCombined, UGGs, and New Balance.


Waddle is a software add-on for major accounting platforms that provides working capital to Australian businesses. Waddle, founded in 2014 by Simon Creighton, Nathan Andrew, and Leigh Dunsford, is Australia’s fastest-growing cloud-based invoice financing provider.