Tips for Managing Multiple Business Locations

Ram Tumuluri “Tips for Managing Multiple Business Locations”

CEO Ram Tumuluri “Managing your workforce at a single location, no matter what industry you’re in, is bound to be a daily challenge. But what if there are a multitude of them? Whether you’re ready to launch your second business site or you’re a seasoned manager of many locations, managing your team has taken on a whole new dimension. Here are some pointers on how to manage multiple business sites while expanding your business.”

Founder of the Ideal Life Project, Ram Tumuluri, provides us some useful tips on successful multi-location team management to stay on top of the challenges of running multiple locations.

Maintain Schedules and Management Systems When Managing Multiple Business Locations

Maintaining schedules and management systems can be especially difficult when dealing with multiple teams based in different locations. A staff scheduling and management system can be the ideal tool for keeping things organized in this situation. Employee scheduling is simplified through app-based online systems, which allow for real-time updates and the delivery of notifications and reminders to each team member’s mobile devices, regardless of their location. An online employee management system allows you to keep everyone up to date at all times.

Avoid the Urge to Micromanage When Managing Multiple Business Locations.

It’s one thing to take an active interest in each business location; it’s another to try to micromanage every single one. Taking on too much can cause you to get more stressed and overwhelmed as you try to keep track of every single detail at every single location. At the same time, the fact that you’re struggling to manage won’t go unnoticed by your team and co-workers who will share a sense of frustration that you are not delivering on your promises or acting on your own instructions.

Simplify Operations With Technology When Managing Multiple Business Locations

When it comes to business technology, having standardized IT processes and policies allows businesses with multiple locations to communicate and work effectively. Project management tools, inventory management, and accounting applications are all examples of cloud-based apps that can save you time and simplify business processes. If part of your staff is mobile, make sure they have the tools to keep in touch and complete their tasks using mobile apps.

Know How to Delegate Effectively When Managing Multiple Business Locations

The management structure should evolve in tandem with the company’s growth. Rather than trying to do everything yourself, delegate the majority of day-to-day management responsibilities to an assistant manager or supervisor who will report directly to you. That way, when you’re not available, your team will have a local line manager who can deal with minor issues while also broadening the sense of responsibility within the larger team. Most tasks are fully capable of being completed by local staff at each location. Delegating some of the work has the extra benefit of making your employees feel more involved and invested in the company, which is incredibly motivating.