Top 10 European Startups to Watch In 2021

Top 10 European Startups to Watch In 2021

Ram Tumuluri ”Many creative startups have found a home in Europe. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is known as the European Silicon Valley, with one of the highest startup per capita rates in the world. Many creative companies and startups have sprung up in Europe as a result of this. Since the European startup market is booming, we’ve decided to highlight 10 European startups to watch in 2021”.


Training and development have already begun to move online, but Covid-19 has taken these practices to the next level. Many of Europe’s largest businesses use CoachHub as a forum to help transform “Managers into Leaders.” These businesses are now seeking coaching on how to be successful with remote work, among other things, in addition to basic growth and development.


Eligma, which was established in 2017, creates payment infrastructures for accepting instant crypto payments at local and online stores through its Go Crypto crypto payment network. The business aims to change the way the world perceives value by being a global facilitator of seamless and stable crypto payments. Their current goal is to completely transform the payment experience in offline retail, eliminating the need for any additional hardware.


MediQuo is a HealthTech company based in Barcelona that focuses on handling medical appointments, whether they are remote or in person. The App, which was founded in 2017, has announced that it has raised €2 million from venture capital investors and family offices, taking its total funding to €4 million since its launch two years ago. About 650,000 people had downloaded the software as of early 2020, and it is handling over a million medical appointments.


AB Tasty provides feature management, experimentation, and personalization solutions to companies, allowing them to launch better products faster and increase conversions, interaction, and revenue across all of their digital assets and platforms. Aside from Europe, the group has also focused on major multi-national brands such as L’Oreal, Disney, and Klarna.


Payflow is a mobile app that allows employees to receive their paycheck immediately, which is a great advantage for hourly workers. Having been founded in January 2020, Payflow completed its first funding round of €1.6 million in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Despite being so young, Payflow is well placed to thrive in the post-Covid environment, and is definitely a startup to keep an eye on!


AccuRx has discovered a straightforward solution to a complex problem in the remote-first world we now live. They’ve discovered that making interactions between healthcare workers and patients more effective, convenient and remote can save time, money, and lives. The startup provides a comprehensive platform for primary and secondary care providers and patients that include messaging, digital documentation, video consultations, surveys, and other features.


The online grocery store was created in 2014 and began to reach its stride in 2018 with a €13MM Series B round, which was followed by a €11MM round in early 2020, just before the pandemic. Everli is in a fantastic position to not only own Italy’s grocery delivery market, but also to rapidly expand into the rest of Europe, thanks to Instacart’s value more than doubling in 2020


IDnow, a German identity verification network, was established in 2014 and is now a recognised leader in reliable, remote auto and video identification, as well as electronic signature services. IDNow raised a $40 million funding round in late 2019, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they raise even more in 2021.


The social media app aims to foster long-distance friendships between young people aged 13 to 25 via live video streaming and instant messaging. Yubo was established in October 2015, but it has only recently begun to scale. Prior to the pandemic, the company raised a $12.3 million Series B in December 2019 and a whopping $47.5 million Series C in November 2020.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports was founded by Jens Hilgers and Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, a former star player in League of Legends. G2 Esports is well positioned to expand their brand, explore new ways to deliver their content, and form new alliances as gaming becomes more popular and people spend more time at home (and thus have more free time).