Top Fintech Companies in New York to Watch in 2021

Top 10 Fintech Companies in New York to Watch in 2021

CEO Ram Tumuluri “New York is undoubtedly the most powerful city in finance and one of the world’s biggest digital innovation engines. With a rapidly increasing ecosystem of companies, funding, talent, educational resources, and Fintech accelerators, New York has unique advantages in Fintech and is already the fastest-growing Fintech cluster in the United States. Here are some of the most well-known fintech firms, as well as a few promising newcomers to keep an eye on in 2021”.

Ram Tumuluri “Fintech startups in NYC are shaking up the scene, inspired by veteran companies and gaining mentorship from programs like the Fintech Innovation Lab.”


The concept is pretty simple, but it’s all about execution. Policygenius is an online insurance firm that offers insurance in life, long-term disability, health, renters, and pet insurance. In four fundraising rounds, the company has raised about $50 million. The most recent deal, in May 2017, valued Policygenius at $120-180 million.


Betterment is a millennial-friendly digital wealth manager. It is well-known for its “Robo-advisor,” which is an algorithm that selects investments and creates a diversified portfolio for its clients. The company was founded in 2008 and only offered automated financial advice till 2017. Betterment hired its first human advisors two years ago and now employs 240 employees.


Attune’s technology simplifies the insurance procedure for small businesses.  Attune makes it simple for small businesses to get insured by removing the hassle of hundreds of questions, weeks of review, and confusing policies. Small businesses can now get insured within minutes by simply answering a few key questions.


Stash started as a mobile investing platform. Their main goal was to assist consumers to invest wisely in order to construct a retirement safety net for a small monthly fee. The micro-investing app was only the beginning. Stash is now a full-fledged challenger bank with cash-back debit cards, conventional accounts, and rapid transfers, providing a holistic banking experience to customers. Investors believed in the vision and supported Stash with more than $184m in funding.


Axoni is a blockchain company that specializes in smart contracts. They’re a renowned and active player in the $10 trillion credit derivatives market, constantly working to improve their efficiency and transparency. Axoni distributed ledger enables the biggest financial firms to access payment information, calculations, and other important trading data in real-time.


Petal is a credit card and fintech startup that leverages a variety of data sources to provide customers with more credit possibilities. Petal can offer higher credit limits to first-time credit users or people without traditional credit ratings since they evaluate more financial data. Petal helps stay on top of payments and under spending limits. The company Petal closed on more than $126.6 million in debt facility backed by Silicon Valley Bank and Trinity Capital that will enable it to expand its credit card programs.

CB Insights

CB Insights collects data for a range of industries, including finance, in order to forecast technology trends and assist businesses with strategic planning. Economic development companies and investment banks can use the platform to create target lists, discover emerging industries, identify new clients, and forecast emerging trends. CB Insights, which has received funding from the National Science Foundation and venture capitalists, believes that judgments should be based on more than the “three Gs” (Google searches, gut instincts, and guys with MBAs).


YieldStreet is a technology platform that allows users to participate in asset-based investments. It lets you invest in litigation finance, real estate, and other alternative asset classes with low market correlation and target yields of 8-15 percent. The firm offers a one-of-a-kind experience to investors at all levels and valuable diversification and resilience to most portfolios.


Many people in the tech startup world have experienced the frustration of exchanging illiquid shares for cash. EquityZen brings together such employees and investors looking to access valuable pre-IPO shares. For shareholders, investors, and firms alike, it strives to maximize potential while minimizing frustration and risk.


Riskified is the largest e-commerce fraud prevention platform in the world. The firm oversees a set of fraud-prevention solutions that help businesses establish trustworthiness. Riskified is used by some of the major e-commerce retailers like Finish Line and Canada Goose. It allows businesses to focus on providing reliable customer service and sales experiences. Riskified employs AI to distinguish fraudulent consumers from true customers.