IT Services Companies in Miami

Top 10 IT Services Companies in Miami

CEO & Founder of The Ideal Life Project Ram Tumuluri “IT service companies are consulting firms with specialized knowledge of IT technology. These firms help clients in solving business problems through IT technology and services. In this article, we took a deep dive into the world of IT services in Miami to find those that are best suited to working with small- and mid-sized businesses. We also looked for companies with the flexibility to manage all your needs, whether you are looking for systems integration or robust cybersecurity features”.

Ram Tumuluri “Outsourcing to IT services can enormously reduce the expenses of establishing in-house IT infrastructure”

Nybble Group

Nybble Group is a Miami-based business tech solutions company with offices in Buenos Aires and Argentina. The company, which was founded in 2005, employs around 60 people and offers ERP and SI consultancy, custom software development, mobile app development, and artificial intelligence (AI) services. Nybble Group works with mid-market and small businesses in a variety of areas, including financial services, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services.

ALT IT Consulting

ALT IT Consulting is a consulting firm that has helped over 200 clients throughout various service areas, including Miami. Its managed IT solutions provide round-the-clock system management and monitoring, as well as remote desktop management, to ensure maximum efficiency with little downtime. The company also provides network and wireless deployment, and also patch management for servers and workstations to keep them updated.


Bleuwire provides MSP services in Miami and Hialeah. Clients can outsource IT assistance to Bleuwire, allowing the firm to handle responsibilities like system updates and server administration. Its remote assistance is available for both Macs and PCs. Bleuwire safeguards data via backup and recovery plans and also keeping clients organized by managing RAM, hard drive space, and software upgrades. It also offers Microsoft Outlook help and support and system performance upgrades.

Grove Networks

Grove Networks, established in 2000, continues to assist small business clients in the Miami area with enterprise-level IT management and boutique hotel IT support. Its enterprise IT division manages data centers for banks, media companies, and government agencies. They provide cloud computing and cloud IT solutions, as well as remote desktop, server, and Microsoft Exchange hosting. Their hospitality IT service also offers remote network administration and IT support to their hotel clients.

Falcon IT Services, Inc. – Miami Beach

Based in Miami Beach, Falcon IT Services, is a firm that focuses on helping businesses around Miami in cutting back operational costs and increasing revenue. They have been serving mid-sized and small enterprises seeking IT services such as systems engineering, help desk, and cybersecurity support since 2002. Falcon IT Services also prioritizes strategies to help smaller businesses in gaining access to enterprise IT support.

Net at Work Inc

Founded in 1996, Net at Work Inc is a technology firm with offices in New York and Miami. They have approximately 390 workers and serve small and midmarket clients in industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, and financial services. Their services include managed IT services, CRM consulting, and ERP consulting.