Top 11 AI Companies in London

Top 11 AI Companies in London

What are the top 11 AI companies in London? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “AI will continue to aid decision-making and automation, completing intelligent tasks at an increasing rate and scale. As a result, AI frees up human labour to focus on high-priority risks while automating the rest. Because of this human-like process, it’s ideal for complex and dynamic tasks.

London is the hub of the UK AI industry and there are currently 1,136 high-growth AI companies in the UK, with 720 of them based in London. But who are the pioneers in this field right now? In this article, we will go through 11 of the best AI companies based in London”.


OneTrust is a SaaS company that automates privacy and security operations through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its clients include Vevo, Oracle, and Allianz. OneTrust’s technology improves security and ensures compliance with “all the world’s privacy laws,” including GDPR and CCPA.


BenevolentAI uses artificial intelligence to discover new ways to treat disease, thereby speeding up medical research and drug development. Benevolent AI’s software analyses clinical trial data, academic papers, and other scientific documents to make new discoveries.


Behavox can extract behavioral meaning from big data using machine learning and advanced AI. It’s a data operation platform with applications ranging from compliance to CRM automation.  Behavox provides reports, visualisation techniques, and case management so that they can clearly view company-wide data.

Thought Machine

Thought Machine focuses on retail banking and financial services technology. Its AI-powered API functionality powers the bank’s online operations and services, and it claims to be capable of running any bank system, no matter how complex.


ComplyAdvantage offers a platform for detecting and tracking financial crime. ComplyAdvantage automates the compliance process with AI and machine learning, providing clients with real-time insights by monitoring billions of data points every day.


Roborace organises a motor racing championship for electric self-driving cars. In order to gain an advantage in their championships, competing teams must develop their own real-time computing and AI technology. The cars then drive using computer vision, sensors, and AI algorithms.


Quantexa is a software-as-a-service company that provides advanced network and data analytics. Quantexa’s API audits and monitors client systems to provide a contextual and analytical view of data across the organisation. This software can be used to uncover hidden risk, generate new leads, and provide data-driven insights.


ContractPodAI automates contract management by providing AI-powered legal management services to law firms and corporations. Machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and legal engineering all play a role in its software.


Tessian employs AI technology to automate threat detection and mitigation. Tessian can reduce their clients’ operational risks and quickly resolve problems by providing threat detection tools, automated intelligence, and insights to in-house company security teams.


Decibel provides software to businesses that analyses how customers use and interact with their websites and apps. Its algorithm-based solution analyses a massive amount of data to identify poor user experiences on websites and apps, assigning a ‘Digital Experience Score’ and recommending how to improve their platform and customer experience.


Patsnap evaluates documents such as chemical structures, clinical trials, financial reports, and litigation records and converts them into insights that users can extract in seconds rather than poring over everything manually.