Top 5 Boston Startups to Watch Out

Top 5 Boston Startups to Watch Out For

Ram Tumuluri says, “ A bustling city that encourages innovation and creativity, Boston being home to some of the best startups is not surprising. Boston has it all, whether you are a business professional or looking for the next company to work with.”

Boston has long been predicted to be the next big startup destination. The city’s highly educated workforce and access to venture capital make it the perfect location for startups to flourish. In a 2016 study, Boston emerged as the best among 25 startup hubs in America.

Loaded with talent from Havard, MIT, and other country-leading universities and the city’s reputation for being supportive of startups is why Boston is at the forefront of cities that encourage innovation. 

Find the top 5 Boston startups to watch or work with below:


Year Founded: 2017

Founder: Silvio Micali

Algorand is a startup that provides a decentralised platform where users can exchange digital currencies transparently, securely, and efficiently. Algorand is built to attain transaction speed while maintaining security as a payments-focused network. 

Speedy transactions and near-instant finality mean processing over a thousand transactions per second. This also translates to achieving transaction finality within or less than 5 seconds.

Algorand is relatively new in the blockchain industry but has proven to be a powerful platform. 


Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Neel Ganu and May Nijhawan

Finch successfully launched a platform for users to invest without opening a separate brokerage account. Using the Finch platform, anything you deposit into your checking account is automatically invested into EFTs.

Finch breaks the barriers in investing. Finch invests the money for customers but allows access to customers to their accounts at any time. Opening an account with Finch comes with a debit card and access to a surcharge-free ATM network.


Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Robert Snyder and Rahkeem Morris

HourWork offers solutions for businesses and employers to combat the negative impacts of understaffing. The platform helps companies figure out what matters most to employees to foster loyalty and slow turnover rates. It has a way of reaching out to past applicants and previous employees, making it easy for organisations to rehire people they already know.

Whether you need to recruit and retain or need work that suits you, HourWork makes it easier and quicker.


Year Founded: 2015

Founder: Vishal Sunak and Chris Combs

LinkSquares designed an AI-powered contract management tool for lawyers and legal professionals across the country. Get all your legal contracting needs in one place through LinkSquares.

Tackle the challenges of legal documents with ease, speed, and accuracy while having immediate access to the information you need in an organised manner. LinkSquares eliminates manual work while providing highly accurate, organised, and reliable reporting across contracts.


Year Founded: 2014

Founders: Tomer Levy and Asaf Yigal

Logz developed a machine analytics platform for modern engineers to monitor their work. is easy to use and is an open-source and scalable platform. 

The unified platform allows engineers to collect and analyse logs and metrics, plus human-powered AI/ML features for improved troubleshooting, reduced response time, and enhanced cost management.