Top 5 Cryptocurrency Apps For 2022

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Apps For 2022

CEO Ram Tumuluri “If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, you will need a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. These online businesses are similar to stockbrokers in that they provide you with the tools to purchase and sell digital currencies. However, while looking for the best cryptocurrency app for your needs, it’s important to consider supported currencies, pricing, withdrawal choices, and security, which is what we focused on when compiling our list. Keep reading to find out which cryptocurrency app is perfect for your goals.”


eToro offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It also has some unique features, such as social network-like commenting and the opportunity to track and match other bitcoin traders’ assets. It has a unique social trading function that allows you to mimic other investors’ moves. Moreover, unlike most competitors, the eToro app has a simple and easy pricing structure that traders and investors will enjoy.


With over 43 million verified members in over 100 countries and over $90 billion in user accounts, Coinbase is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.. Coinbase stands out because of the large number of cryptocurrencies it offers. Over 40 of them are available for purchase and sale. For serious cryptocurrency investors, there’s also an advanced trading platform. Plus, if you’re ready to attend certain instructional courses, you can earn some free bitcoins.


Robinhood is one of the top apps for purchasing cryptocurrency and traditional investments such as stocks and options all in one place. It accepts a wide range of prominent cryptocurrencies and allows deposits to be made immediately. Furthermore, bitcoin trading on Robinhood is completely free of charge. This app is best for investors looking for a mobile app to invest in ETFs, stocks, fractional shares, options, and cryptocurrencies. 

SoFi Active

SoFi Active offers a diverse financial ecosystem. Members of SoFi have the ability to buy and sell five distinct cryptocurrencies. They can also borrow money, save money, and trade stocks. SoFi does demand a fee, but the platform’s all-in-one simplicity may make it a worthwhile option to consider. This app is best suited for new stock and ETF investors looking for a high-quality mobile experience and minimal commissions.

Cash App

Cash App by Square is exclusively for bitcoin. However, it may be a good option for those who only wish to buy, trade, and hold the most popular cryptocurrency. Customers with a Square digital wallet can now buy and sell bitcoin on their own accounts. Small businesses can also take bitcoin as payment for goods and services in fractional amounts. In addition, the popular finance software provides a number of useful functions, like stock trading and peer-to-peer payments.