Healthcare Apps To Watch Out For In 2022

Top 5 Healthcare Apps To Watch Out For In 2022

CEO Ram Tumuluri “As you may know, digital healthcare app development is critical for healthcare providers to address the changing needs of their patients while also staying ahead of the competition. Those providers that collaborate with digital experts to strategically plan and create high-quality mobile experiences will also help enhance customer loyalty, positively impacting their current and future revenue. In this article, we have identified a list of life-saving healthcare apps to watch out for in 2022.”

Nodus Medical

Nodus Medical is more than an app; it’s a virtual assistant that promises to increase surgical teams’ efficiency and allow them to focus on what they do best: saving lives. The iPad app is free and helps surgeons operate more efficiently before, during, and after surgeries. The app makes it easier to standardize surgical processes and interact with other surgeons. Nodus Medical is available in both English and German.


With over 22,000 therapists and nearly two million patients, BetterHelp is a trustworthy organization and a leader in online therapy. And many people trust it over traditional in-person treatment. The BetterHelp app connects you with over 10,000 experienced licensed counsellors and therapists at your fingertips. It’s also undoubtedly one of the most well-known companies when it comes to mental health.


This cutting-edge healthcare app is powered by a person’s DNA. At first sight, the interface appears to be simple to use and aesthetically pleasing, which may explain why patients enjoy it. Generis offers DNA-based health and fitness advice, as well as food, nutrition, and supplement suggestions. This healthcare app seeks to assist users in better understanding their genes by giving safe, accurate, and practical steps. The purpose is to encourage users to be the best version of themselves through knowledge and education.


Patients can use MySugr to keep track of their blood sugar, carbohydrates, bolus, and estimated HbA1c all in one place. By logging their data on a daily basis, patients can have a better understanding of their condition. Doctors are also able to examine the data in order to treat their patients better. This simple app also offers users motivational challenges and feedback to aid in managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

EyeCare Live

EyeCare Live is a smartphone app that allows you to communicate with your personal eye specialist. However, it’s not recommended for those suffering from serious eye conditions. This particular app works best for people experiencing allergy eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, or issues related to contact lenses.

Once you’ve been connected to a doctor, you’ll be requested to document your condition with photos or videos of the affected eyes. Your doctor can observe you in high-definition video within minutes to better understand and effectively resolve your condition.