Top Big Data Analytics Companies In UAE

Top Big Data Analytics Companies In UAE

What are the Top Big Data Analytics Companies In UAE? CEO Ram Tumuluri “The top big data firms in the UAE use a predefined process to understand their clients’ needs and give customized solutions. Expert big data developers in the UAE are up to date on industry developments. As a result, they can provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients, distinguishing them from their competition.”

This post highlights our top picks for the best Big Data firms based in the United Arab Emirates. These companies are adopting different ways of investing in the Big Data industry, but they are all great companies worth following.


Edgematics is a specialized data monetization consultancy firm. They specialize in delivering a Data Monetization and Services framework to help their clients with change management projects and digital transformation, as well as an AI-enabled Data governance strategy to maximize investments in data assets.

Forte Partners

Forte Partners is a cutting-edge analytics consulting and solutions firm that enables faster, better, value-creating decisions through faultless information experiences. They create new ideas, tools, and capabilities to help any organization harness the power of analytics. They produce high-impact results that maximize profits and drive brand loyalty and competitive advantage, from tackling business difficulties with analytical innovation to exploring new frontiers with cutting-edge solutions.


Edgematics is a renowned provider of data management solutions in the Middle East and Africa. It has close partnerships with the world’s leading Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics technology vendors, putting it in a unique position to independently advise customers on selecting and integrating technology solutions for their specific needs, industry, systems, and business objectives.


DataQraft aims to deliver best-in-class Data and Advanced Analytics platforms and solutions to enable enterprise organizations to gain insights from diverse and complex data sources. They deploy solutions across numerous platforms, provide productized services, frameworks, and reusable models, and assist customers in achieving faster time to value by managing the entire data and analytics lifecycle.


Intertec, headquartered in Dubai since 1991, is a significant regional IT solutions and services provider with offices in five countries and over 1000 customers in 18 countries. Customers include the government, banking and finance, large enterprises, retail, and others. Intertec is committed to being innovative, responsive, dependable, and supportive of its customers’ strategies.