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Ram Tumuluri – “Renewable Energy Is Booming With 11 Countries Leading the Charge”

Back in October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a report saying that global warming must be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius or we would all suffer its adverse impacts on the world. 

The report also highlighted the importance of not only doing the little things but making “rapid and far-reaching” transitions to make sure that we prevent global warming from getting worse.

Today, these 11 countries are answering that call by leading the charge on renewable energy.

Top countries leading in renewable energy

  • USA. The country now ranks fifth in the number of solar PV installed globally and has the second highest installed wind energy capacity in the world.
  • Scotland. In October 2019, Scotland made the huge leap to wind power generation for 98% of its electricity needs.
  • China. Being the largest carbon emitter, China started its move towards renewable energy where it now has the largest number of solar PV and wind capacity in the world. 
  • Germany. Being a leader in renewable energy, Germany produced enough electricity in 2018 to support power in every household for a year. It also commits to using renewable energy for 65% of its electricity needs by 2030. 
  • Morocco. The biggest concentrated solar plant on earth will be completed in Morocco this year, which when combined with its hydro and wind plants will be enough to supply half of its electricity needs.
  • Denmark. The country set a world record in 2017 for getting over half of its electricity from solar and wind power. It also has the highest percentage of wind power anywhere in the world.
  • Uruguay. With a huge investment in renewable energy, Uruguay has worked for over 10 years to reach a point where it is now almost 100% powered by renewables.
  • Sweden. Sweden made an ambitious goal to completely get rid of fossil fuels by 2040 and it has invested in clean transport, solar, energy and wind storage.
  • Kenya. In October, the largest wind farm in Africa was connected to its grid offering 20% of the country’s electricity capacity.
  • Nicaragua. The country hopes to get 90% of its electricity from renewables this year and in 2012, it invested the fifth highest percentage in the world of its GDP in developing renewable energy in the country.
  • Costa Rica. The country may be small but it relied on geothermal, hydro, solar and wind power for 95% of its electricity over the last four years.

Final thoughts – Top countries leading in renewable energy

A common denominator among these countries is that leaders who make that conscious effort to take the leap in renewable energy, no matter how small their country is. The next question is: Which countries will take the same route next?