Top Finance Companies In China

Top Finance Companies In China

Wondering about the top finance companies in China? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “China’s economy has grown at an incredible speed in recent decades, surpassing the United States to become the world’s second-largest in terms of nominal GDP. China, the most populated country on the planet, has long been a manufacturing and exporting superpower. However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has significantly slowed China’s economy in the short term. Despite this setback, a growing number of Chinese firms are now available to US investors.

This article highlights our top picks for the leading China-based finance firms. These companies are reinventing the Finance industry in various ways, but they are all great startups and companies worth following.”

Top Finance Companies In China


OneConnect specializes in financial technology solutions for small and medium institutions. It has developed four service platforms based on Big Data, Blockchain, Financial Cloud, Intelligent Finance, and other cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, the four platforms—Direct Bank Cloud, Financial Cloud for Small and Micro Enterprises, Interbank Asset Transaction, and Personal Credit Investigation—are designed to provide comprehensive financial technology solutions to small and medium-sized banks.

Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange (also called Lufax) is an online financial asset origination and trading marketplace. Lufax launched in Shanghai in September 2011 with the help of the Shanghai Municipal Government. It has evolved to become China’s largest internet finance firm in less than four years.

The company is a China Ping An Group subsidiary, China’s largest and most creative non-state-owned enterprise financial institution. By February 2015, the amount of registered users on Lufax had topped 7 million, and the number of online transactions had increased more than an eightfold year on year.


Wecash launched in October 2013 and is changing the way customers interact with money worldwide. It has served over 160 million customers worldwide and raised about $300 million in equity funding to date. As a well-established fintech startup, it aims to pioneer innovative digital banking, spending, and saving experiences in Europe, Brazil, and Southeast Asia.

YITU Technology

YITU Technology incorporates superior artificial intelligence (AI) technology into commercial applications to create a safer, faster, and healthier environment. They have a strong R&D team to propel industrial development with cutting-edge technologies.

Rather than just repurposing technologies from huge corporations or laboratories for monetary advantage, they are involved in fundamental artificial intelligence research targeted at finding holistic solutions for machine vision, listening, and understanding.


36Kr was established in July 2011 as a company dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs. Over the course of six years, it has evolved into a comprehensive service provider geared at servicing innovative IT enterprises while also becoming the largest and strongest ecosystem-based platform with broad coverage across a range of industries and a game-changing vision.