Leading fintech companies in Sydney

Top Fintech Companies in Sydney

CEO Ram Tumuluri, “Fintech is thriving and making waves in Australia’s financial capital – Sydney. Fintech is in fact an umbrella term, which describes rapidly-moving technology startups that have introduced financial solutions geared to disrupt the traditional banking service. And, Sydney it seems is well-geared to change the way we do finance. In this article, we discuss 5 of the most promising fintech companies in Sydney.”


Brighte offers payment solutions in the solar financing sector. The Company provides affordable payment plans to purchase solar as well as smart home technology. The payment plans are ‘zero interest’, and works on credit analysis and customer payables. Customers can buy their smart home technology products from one of the enlisted vendors through an instant loan. Brighte’s marketplace consists of solar systems, pool heating systems, guttering as well as flooring and roofing.


First launched in 2014, Marketlend provides working capital financial solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises. The company is a first of its kind with financial solutions such as supply chain finance, unsecured lines of credit as well as debtor finance. Marketlend provides loss protection and insurance to their lenders enhancing security. The Company’s rates of return tend to be around 4 percent higher than traditional banks. Their unique positioning as a tech company is combined with personalized services and quality.


PractiFI is essentially a wealth management platform which incorporates cloud features. PractiFI facilitates customers to operate on the cloud. The Company automates processes and integrates solutions to integrate and engage purposefully with customers. PractiFI platform is an effective ecosystem that uses best-of-breed technologies to integrate and build more comprehensive solutions.


Spaceship is an app based superannuation fund, which enables individual investors to invest in technological companies. The Company provides a thematic investment platform allowing users to invest in the portfolios of technology companies. The administrative fee varies depending on the amount invested.


Blueshyft is a platform (iOS-based) that enables retail businesses to receive cash payments for online products and services. The platform ad retail network enables customers to load and use a digital wallet for buying. Blueshyft credit users’ accounts online, pay for digital orders and allows them to reclaim gift cards. Retailers can use the platform to acquire customers, identify customers and manage logistics and activate customers.