Top Fintech Financial Companies In Florida

Top Fintech Financial Companies In Florida

CEO Ram Tumuluri “Fintech companies in and around Florida have attempted different approaches to revolutionizing the financial industry. While one firm is redefining the realm of digital banking, another is offering a creative way to make life insurance more accessible. For this reason, changing the future of finance is a part of the daily grind for each of Florida’s established and emerging fintech leaders. Here’s a list of some of Florida’s top fintech financial technology companies.”

Ram Tumuluri “Florida is steadily establishing itself as a centre for innovation and a haven for financial fintech companies.”


Technisys supports banks in providing the best digital financial services experience. Technisys is a firm that specializes in digital banking technologies. Its cutting-edge Cyber bank Omnichannel and Digital Core solutions help traditional banks and fintech companies successfully transform to digital. Technisys helps their customers to differentiate via enhanced customer experiences, increasing revenue, engaging with the ecosystem through Open APIs, and creating a platform for digital innovation.

LSQ Funding

LSQ Funding helps businesses better manage their cash flow to make the most of their earnings. LSQ provides clients with a straightforward, secure, and honest funding experience through invoice financing and supply chain finance solutions. LSQ develops technologies that allow clients to speed the flow of business by combining human insights with the analytical power of technology. In its 20+ years in operation, LSQ has assisted thousands of businesses in obtaining more than $25 billion in funding.


DadePay is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that automates the invoice-to-cash application process for any payment channel. All incoming payments, including cash, cheques, ACH, EFT, and credit cards, are immediately captured by the DadePay Cash Application. Payments are automatically matched to open invoices using patented algorithms, which change your ERP system and electronically deposit the checks at your bank.


FinConecta is a technology firm that connects digital solutions with companies in the financial and non-financial sectors. Their technology, 4wrd, accelerates digital transformation and Open Banking, enabling new business opportunities and use cases. FinConecta provides a unique integration model to their platform 4wrd through a single integration, allowing for a faster time to market at a fraction of the cost.


Intrinio is a financial data provider with a platform that includes an application programming interface. Intrinio’s objective is to facilitate investors in saving money and freeing up time so that they can live more fulfilling lives. The Intrinio Fintech marketplace promises to refocus the financial data sector on the developers and investors who make meaning out of data by bringing together data providers, developers, and investors around a new model for financial innovation.