Top London Based AI Startups

Top London Based AI Startups

CEO & Founder of The Ideal Life Project Ram Tumuluri “Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is revolutionizing every aspect of existence. It’s a clever tool that allows people to rethink integrating data, analyzing it, and applying the resulting insights to make better decisions. With all of this in view, it’s clear that artificial intelligence will play a huge role in our future. So, to keep you updated on some of the emerging artificial intelligence firms in the UK here’s a list of some of the top London-based AI startups to watch in 2021.”

Deep mind

Deep Mind, which Google now owns, is a world leader in artificial intelligence research and deep learning. They create algorithms that can be used in e-commerce applications, simulations, and games. DeepMind has also contributed to the personalization of app suggestions in Google Play by utilizing machine learning to identify apps that users are more likely to use and enjoy based on previous downloads and context. The project attempts to attract paying users to the Google Play store, demonstrating how Google can commercialize the expertise of DeepMind.


Benevolent is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) development and application for scientific discovery. Benevolent’s team of technologists, AI researchers, and scientists create and apply AI to the entire medication development and discovery process. Their technology unlocks what is unknown by generating new thoughts based on known data to provide a new perspective on disease, leading to imaginative steps and real insights that drive the development of novel medicines and therapies.


Behavox claims to have created the gold standard for enterprise risk and compliance solutions. Their AI-powered technology helps global banks, private equity firms and hedge funds to quickly and correctly identify fraudulent actors, preventing enormous fines and severe crises. Their solutions help uncover financial regulatory misconduct such as insider trading, market manipulation, as well as HR-related misconduct, such as racism, harassment, and discrimination.


By establishing its own high-functioning, comprehensive self-driving system and testing it on London’s public roads, FiveAI develops machine learning solutions for the self-driving industry’s largest issues. They achieve this by offering a real-time machine learning software platform for urban mobility in public transportation in challenging urban surroundings.

Della AI

Della AI employs artificial intelligence to assist business and legal leaders who are torn between the need for speed and the need for thorough legal review. Della AI uses artificial intelligence to quickly locate what matters in contracts, allowing them to make faster business decisions while avoiding contractual issues. Della was officially launched in 2020, and it already has a partnership with Wolters Kluwer and is being used by several of Europe’s and the UK’s top law firms.