Top Software Companies In Paris

Top Software Companies in Paris

CEO Ram Tumuluri: “Paris is home to some of Europe’s most hyped businesses and has a thriving digital scene. The education system of Paris has traditionally been the foundation of its digital economy, producing world-class talent. In addition, Paris boasts the most engineering universities in any European city, and they are among the finest technical universities in the world. In this article, let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting Paris-based software companies.”

Top Software Companies in Paris

Astek Theodo

Astek is a privately owned French company that has grown into a key participant in the IT services market. They generate €292 million in revenue with its 5000 employees. Interestingly, they specialize in three main technical and operational expertise areas; consulting, information systems, and scientific and technical engineering. The company has a presence in over 15 countries and has multiple offshore distribution centres, allowing them to be as close to its customers as possible.

Theodo Amaris

Theodo is an agile software development company with offices in Paris and London. They collaborate with clients to create custom web and mobile apps that help them grow their market share and productivity. Their team of professionals involves their clients in the development process from beginning to end, producing concrete results as early as possible.

Amaris RINF Tech

Amaris is a technology consulting firm that offers guidance and solutions to businesses. They assist clients in designing, shaping, and operating their next-generation network infrastructure through a dedicated worldwide centre of excellence in telecoms and technology. Amaris has been implementing solutions in major projects for over a decade, with over 1,000 clients around the globe.


RINF Tech helps organizations with their unique software development expertise. They boast a client roster that includes names like Metro Group. They specialize in custom enterprise application development, robotics, IoT/embedded system development, and automotive solutions, as well as a variety of business-to-business services ranging from technical staff augmentation and managed offshore teams to outcome-based solution delivery and beyond.


Aryvart is an international IT company specializing in CRM, E-Business, Business Intelligence, and BPO services. They have extensive experience offering high-quality solutions and services to clients all around Europe using cutting-edge technologies. Aryvart also builds and integrates CRM software tailored to match the demands of various company verticals, making them easier to utilize and more cost-effective.


ELRUBA is a French IT development firm specializing in custom mobile, online, and desktop application development. It opened its first office in the Paris region in 2018. ELRUBA now has teams specializing in a variety of fields, including finance, business management, e-commerce, and others.