Top UAE Startups To Follow In 2021

Top UAE Startups To Follow In 2021

CEO Ram Tumuluri “In 2021, the UAE’s startup community will emerge stronger as it prepares to follow new development directions. The country demonstrated a remarkable ability to solve global and regional challenges, making it the most successful regional player in terms of deals and funding. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top UAE startups to keep an eye on in 2021”.


Careem is a travel startup that operates an online-based vehicle booking platform that connects travelers with drivers in their city. Users will now see the cost of their booking before they make it and have the balance credited to their bank card, eliminating the need to bring cash for travel. Careem has taken the automotive industry by storm, having raised $771.7 million from 22 separate investors and having been acquired by the multinational giant Uber.


Reserveout is an innovative restaurant startup that will support both restaurants and customers by enabling them to search for restaurants in their network and making real-time reservations. Even better, Reserveout is absolutely free to use, which would allow even more people to use it. Reserveout has already secured $5.4 million in outside funding from four investors. Savour Ventures and iMENA Group are two of these investors.

The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet is an e-commerce platform that allows people to purchase designer clothing at a fraction of the cost. This is accomplished by their marketplace model, which enables users to sell their pre-owned designer apparel to other users on the website, effectively turning the business into the Ebay of luxury goods. The Luxury Closet has already secured $18.1 million in funding from 13 separate investors.


Alementor is an E-learning startup that focuses on making high-quality video training courses taught by professionals in their fields accessible to both individuals and companies. In addition to paid courses and free tutorials, you can get access to books. Almentor has been successful in raising startup capital, receiving $8 million from four investors. Almentoris is set to break out in 2021, thanks to strong backing and growth from the previous year.


Junkbot is a DIY Robotics kit that allows children to create real-life working robots out of junk. Their service offers children tutorials and specially built kits for making robots out of garbage such as plastic water bottles, cardboard, and discarded coffee cups. These kits come in a range of difficulty levels to fit various skill levels. Junkbot is a startup that aims to teach children about sustainability, self-sufficiency, and other essential concepts. It’s undoubtedly a UAE startup to watch in 2021 due to its unique service.