Top UAE Startups To Watch in 2021

Top UAE Startups To Watch in 2021

Ram Tumuluri” The startup scene in the Middle East continues to boom, with many high-profile deals announced this year. As we head further into 2021, we look today at some of UAE’s startups that made notable strides and that are poised for further growth. These businesses not only survived but thrived during the pandemic, growing at a rapid rate by meeting and exceeding customer expectations”.


NymCard was launched in 2018 with the aim of providing a modern cloud-based card authorising and processing platform to all fintech startups and modernising MENA banks. NymCard has also established partnerships with Visa and Mastercard.  NymCard is well positioned to serve the Middle East’s card issuing and payment processing needs by modernising banks as new Fintech companies continue to emerge.


Tajir is an Android app that allows Pakistani store owners to buy inventory at transparent rates with next-day delivery and detailed order tracking. Pakistan is at a technological crossroads, as an increasing number of people in one of the world’s highly populated countries gain access to Android smartphones for the first time. Tajir stands to gain a lot from this paradigm shift and will help solve a serious problem in the country.


Another name to keep an eye on in the fast-growing space is Load-Me, which was founded in 2016. Companies like Unilever, Kuhne+Nagel and P&G are already among their clients. The company raised $6.3 million to expand their technology in 2020.  LoadMe has been published in a number of business and transportation publications, as well as won a number of prestigious awards in the Middle East.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a regional leader in sustainable agriculture, specialising in the development of greenhouse fruits and vegetables in the harsh climates of the Arab Gulf, using world-class Dutch greenhouse growing technology. There are currently over 20 tomato varieties and six strawberry varieties available. Pure Harvest reported a $110 million Series A round in April 2020, led by Wafra International Investment Company. They plan on using the funds to expand both in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Noon Academy

With over 9 million registered students, the majority of whom joined in 2020, Noon Academy is clearly one of the fastest growing learning platforms in the Middle East. Students can form study groups with their friends and be taught by some of Saudi Arabia’s best teachers. Noon Academy has the potential to become Saudi Arabia’s VIP Kid or GoGoKid. Those businesses grew at an incredible rate in China and continued to outperform throughout the pandemic.