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UK Tech Companies To Watch in 2022

Wondering which UK tech companies you should be keeping an eye on? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Investing is no longer just about making money. A rising number of investors are working with companies that have a good social and environmental impact along with financial gains. And the United Kingdom is well-positioned in this area. It’s home to 900 impact businesses and scaleups that use artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data to address global issues.

The innovative tech firms covered in this post are pioneering the design and implementation of advanced and emerging digital technologies across the UK economy. They were chosen as leading examples of the power and creativity of the thriving UK tech startup ecosystem.” Here are some UK tech companies to watch in 2022:

Keyless Technologies

Keyless devices provide unparalleled device security while lowering risk. Its technology improves organizational security by combining multi-modal biometrics and powerful cryptography in a unique identity management platform.


Tessian, a cybersecurity firm, works to protect employees’ emails. In 2020, Tessian launched a new product called Human Layer Security Intelligence. This provides businesses with insight into security threats and the tools required to reduce the chances of phishing attacks, data exfiltration, and accidental data loss. Impressively, the startup has garnered $60 million in funding from investors such as Sequoia and Accel.


Revolut, one of Europe’s fastest-growing digital banking apps, almost requires no introduction. It was ranked first in the United Kingdom in terms of jobs advertised in 2020. Beginning as a travel currency exchange card, the company has steadily grown to include more services like cryptocurrencies and stockbroking. The company, led by Nikolay Storonsky, claims 11 million customers and adds approximately 11k accounts per day.

Fracture Reality

Fracture Reality promotes the use of mixed reality by developing collaboration solutions. Its products use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to improve workplace teamwork. In addition, its virtual meeting platform JoinXR allows non-technical individuals to browse, alter, and discuss data such as architectural blueprints, product ideas, or 3D scans.


Ascalia is utilizing AI and IoT to assist manufacturers in improving their efficiency, thereby decreasing resource and energy waste. Its AI-enabled quality control capabilities enhance overall food sector quality inspection and streamline safety checks.


Greyparrot is revolutionizing the way we handle garbage at scale, propelling us toward a circular economy. Its solution automates and optimizes recycling processes by using AI-powered computer vision to recognize, audit, and sort large waste flows at scale, unlocking the financial potential of waste.


Charisma AI is revolutionizing interactive storytelling, bringing audiences and characters closer than ever before. It leverages the language of storytelling with built-in characteristics such as emotion, memory, scenes, and subplots to bring stories to life, using the most recent natural language processing technology.

Forest Tribe

Forest Tribe creates bespoke immersive entertainment for live events that is inclusive, diverse and promotes health and well-being using augmented reality (AR), 5G, haptics, and AI. Its approach is entirely creative in nature, with the goal of creating risky and disruptive immersive experiences for new audiences, particularly those with complicated learning requirements.